Where can I buy Nexo tokens online?

Would you like to purchase Nexo tokens? The Nexo tokens are able to increase the interest rate you received on tokens that you stake in your Nexo wallet, and it is also a fantastic cryptocurrency worth holding, no matter if you actively use a Nexo wallet or not. Where can you buy Nexo online? Is there an easy way to purchase Nexo tokens? Which exchanges have Nexo cryptocurrency trading pairs available?

Nexo is one of the best platforms online for staking cryptocurrencies. It is also a platform where you can use your tokens to get a crypto loan in a very easy and quick way. The more Nexo tokens you keep in your wallet, the better the conditions are for both lending and staking. So, where can you buy Nexo tokens online?

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Where to buy Nexo online?

The most convenient way is to open a Nexo account on Nexo.io.

At nexo.io, you can create a new Nexo account and you can immediately start to transfer funds to your account. It is possible to deposit FIAT currencies (Euro and Dollar) directly to your account, or you can transfer other cryptocurrencies and stablecoins to your account.

Within the Nexo interface you can visit the exchange and swap your holdings and buy Nexo tokens with these funds.

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It is easy to buy Nexo tokens with the swap function on the Nexo website.

This is the easiest way to buy Nexo tokens. Even though there are no real fees, it is a bit more expensive to trade on Nexo, so if you want to do a lot of trading, then I would recommend using an exchange instead. But, if you just want to buy some tokens and plan on holding them for a long time, then this interface is perfect for this purpose.

Purchase Nexo on a cryptocurrency exchange

Would you like to purchase Nexo tokens and maybe trade with your tokens? Are you planning on buying and selling? Would you like to have full control and be able to set buy orders and limit orders easily? If this is you, then I would like to recommend the Huobi exchange. This is the cryptocurrency exchange with the best Nexo trading pairs and it also has the biggest volume, making it ideal for trading Nexo.

At Huobi, you can buy Nexo tokens with the following pairings:

  • Nexo/USDT
  • Nexo/ETH
  • Nexo/BTC

All three are ideal trading pairs, making it easy to buy Nexo tokens with the currency that you prefer.

It is very easy to deposit funds to the Huobi exchange as well. You can purchase crypto directly with your VISA and/or MasterCard, or you can do a bank transfer which is the cheapest solution. They support deposits in Euro and in Dollar, making it very ideal also for first time traders who want to deposit a larger amount to their new Huobi account. In order to deposit Euro and USD to your account, you need to complete the KYC (Know Your Customer) on the exchange.

Buying Nexo on the Huobi cryptocurrency exchange

These are the two best options for those who want to purchase Nexo tokens online. You can also find Nexo on the Hotbit exchange, but it doesn’t have the best reputation, so I would strongly recommend Huobi compared to Hotbit.

In the future, you will probably do trading on several cryptocurrency exchanges

When you set your foot in the cryptocurrency world, you will quickly notice that there are many interesting currencies that you cannot find on Huobi. That is why most people open accounts on several cryptocurrency exchanges in order to be able to buy all the tokens that they are interested in.

One of my favorite cryptocurrencies is Strongblock. I cannot buy Strongblock tokens on Huobi, but to purchase Strongblock I either have to trade on Uniswap or on Kucoin. I am also a big fan of the privacy coin named Oxen, and which can be bought on Bittrex and Kucoin. And then there are lots of tokens that you can find on Binance, but not on many other exchanges. In other words, it is a jungle of tokens and exchanges, and with time, you will discover and learn to operate with accounts on several exchanges.

But as of now, if you want to purchase Nexo tokens, my best recommendation is to open a Nexo account or to purchase the tokens on the Huobi exchange.

Why do you want to buy Nexo tokens?

I would love to hear why you are interested in buying Nexo tokens. Are you planning to buy tokens in order to use them to increase rewards on the Nexo platform? Or are you buying them simply to become rich as the price of the token will increase in the coming days, weeks, months, and years (hopefully)?

I would love to hear about your motivation and purpose for buying tokens!

If you have further comments or questions, please use the comment field below!

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