Where can I watch Euro 2020 online?

It might seem to be far away in time, but lots of people are already preparing for Euro 2020 which is to be arranged in ten different European countries between June 12th and July 12th in 2020. The full name of the tournament is the 2020 UEFA European Championship, but many of us just call it Euro 2020 or UEFA Euro 2020. Find out more about who will broadcast the Euro 2016 worldwide, which teams will compete and how to watch the Euro 2020 online.

Do you want to watch all the matches from the Euro 2020 online, or maybe just some of them? But, you do not have a TV available with the channels required for you to be able to watch the matches played during the Euro 2020? In this article we will tell you where and how you can watch all the Euro 2020 matches online, so that you will not miss out on one single second as your favorite team play and so that you can see all the spectacular goals that will be scored in the period between June 12th and July 12th at different stadiums all around France.

First of all we will tell you how to watch the Euro 2020 online, and then further down in the article you can find out more about who has the broadcasting rights to the Euro 2020 in nations in Europe and in some of the biggest other nations in the world where there is a big Euro 2020 interest.

Get ready to watch Euro 2020 online!

How can I watch Euro 2020 online?

Euro 2020 online on UK TV

It is very easy to watch Euro 2020 online. The best and the quickest way to do so is by watching it on TV in England where BBC and ITV will broadcast the event. They both have free live streams available online, the only requirement you need to fulfill is to have an English IP address. That is something you can easily get using the VPN services of HideMyAss.


If you visit their website you will get access to their amazing summer discount which will give you their product at fantastic prices. You can then sign up and download their program and connect to a server in England. Once connected you will have a UK IP address and can watch the live streams from all Euro 2020 matches on BBC and ITV online at once.

Euro 2020 online on German TV

If you want to watch Euro 2020 online for free on German TV then you will again need to use HideMyAss and their super special summer discount. Visit their website, download their client and connect to a server in Germany. You will then have a German IP address which is needed to watch the free live streams from Euro 2020 and all matches played there on ZDF (zdf.de) and ARD (ard.de).


Do not forget that HideMyAss has a thirty day full refund policy so you will get your money back at once if you are not satisfied with what you get or their product.

Now you should be ready to watch Euro 2020 online on German or English TV. Enjoy!

Euro 2020 broadcasting rights

The following TV networks will broadcast from the Euro 2020.

Broadcasting rights in Europe

  • Albania: Top Channel, SuperSport
  • Armeina: AMPTV
  • Australia: SBS
  • Austria: ORF
  • Azerbaijan: ITV
  • Belgium: VRT, RTBF
  • Bosnia: BHRT
  • Bulgaria: BNT
  • Croatia: HRT
  • Cyprus: CyBC
  • Czech: Ceska Televizie
  • Denmark: DR, TV2
  • Estona: ERR
  • Finland: Yle
  • France: TF1, M6
  • Georgia: GPB
  • Germany: ARD, ZDF
  • Hungary: MTV
  • Iceland: SkjarEinn
  • Ireland: RTE
  • Israel: Charlton
  • Kazakhstan: Saran Media
  • Latvia: LTV
  • Lithuania: LRT
  • Macedonia: MKRTV
  • Malta: PBS
  • Moldova: TRM
  • Montenegro: RTCG
  • Netherlands: NOS
  • Norway: NRK, TV2
  • Poland: Polsat
  • Portugal: RTP
  • Romania: Dolce
  • Serbia: RTS
  • Slovakia: RTVS
  • Slovenia: RTVSLO
  • Spain: Mediaset (Telecinco – Cuatro)
  • Sweden: SVT, TV4
  • Switzerland: SRF
  • Turkey: Show TV
  • Ukraine: Ukrayine, Football
  • United Kingdom: ITV, BBC

Euro 2020 Broadcasting rights outside Europe

There are some with broadcasting rights in other nations as well, but here we will only mention who has the Euro 2020 broadcasting rights in some of the most important nations outside of Europe.

  • Brazil: Redo Globo
  • Canada: TSN, RDS
  • China: CCTV
  • Japan: MP & Silva
  • Mexico: OTI
  • South Africa: SuperSport
  • United States: ESPN

Nations participating in the Euro 2020

Albania: One of the big surprise teams who ended up at second place in their group. Because of them Denmark only ended up third and had to do play-off. This is a team without the big stars!

Austria: One of the big hits during the qualification and Austria ended up first in their group with fantastic 28 points, which was 8 points more than Russia and 10 points more than Sweden. Their most dangerous attacker during the qualification was Marc Janko with 7 goals.

Belgium: One of the big outsiders for the Euro 2016 title. They have players in top divisions all around in Europe and their biggest star is probably Kevin de Bruyne who currently plays for Manchester City.

Croatia: They barely managed to get the direct qualification to Euro 2016, but they got it still after beating Malta in the last round. This is a team that can play marvelous football, but they can also play terrible football. On a good day, this team can get all the way to the Euro 2016 final. Their biggest stars are Perisic and Modric.

Czech Republic: This team ended up winning their group in front of Iceland, and with Turkey at a third place. It was also in this group that Netherlands ended up at fourth place, giving them no chance at all of getting to Euro 2016. The top scorer of the Czech Republic was Borek Dockal.

England: They did a marvelous qualification in which they won every single match they played. They are still not among the big favorites for the tournament but they can be counted as outsiders. Their biggest star is Wayne Rooney.

France: The team arranging the Euro 2016 and a team that is able to beat any opponent. The advantage of playing in France will help this team and might help them all the way to the final! The biggest stars on the team is Ribery, Giroud and Pogba.

Germany: The biggest favorite to win the Euro 2016. They have a super strong squad with some of the best players in the world and they always possess the ball a lot, giving them a great advantage. Their top scorer during the qualification was Thomas Muller with nine goals.

Hungary: One of the big surprise teams who got to the Euro 2016 after beating Norway twice in two play-off matches. On the paper a poor team, but they have a fighting spirit quite similar to the Irish team which may cause them to surprise their opponents, just like they surprised Norway in the play-off. Players to watch out for is Balazs Dzsudzsak, Daniel Bode and Krisztian Nemeth.

Iceland: They started the qualification to the Euro 2016 in a very impressive way and was among the first team to qualify for the European Championship in France. In their last matches they did not play to good, after all they were already qualified and lacked inspiration. Their biggest star is Gylfi Sigurdson who scored 6 goals during the qualification matches.

Italy: The winning team in their group in front of Croatia and Norway. Always a strong team, and even if they might lack the biggest profiles, they can beat anyone at any time. Their defense is great making them very hard to beat.  Among their biggest stars you find Antonio Candreva and Graziano Pelle.

Northern Ireland: This team actually won their qualification group in front of Romania and Hungary. On the paper a terrible team, but due to their fighting spirit and seven goals made by Kyle Lafferty (who normally sits on the bench in Norwich) they impressed throughout the qualification.

Poland: If you know anything about Polish football you will know the name of their biggest profile, Robert Lewandowski. In ten qualification matches he scored 13 goals and he is doing exactly the same in his club Bayern Munchen. Poland ended up second behind Germany in their group (but before Ireland), but managed to fight hard even against Germany, making this a very hard opponent.

Portugal: This is a nation that has seen better days when it comes to football, but if they are lucky in the period between June 10th and July 10th, they might surprise us during the Euro 2016. Ronaldo is of course the biggest star, and they won their Euro 2016 qualification group in front of Albania and Denmark.

Ireland: You would think that Ireland has lots of great footballers, but this is in fact a team without the super stars, but with a fighting spirit that no other team in Europe has. That might be because this actually is a big rugby nation! Robbie Keane and Jon Walters were their top scorers during the qualification. They ended up third in their group behind Germany and Poland, but won against Bosnia Hercegovina in their play off matches.

Romania: Based on the FIFA ranking this is a great team, but we would be surprised to see them perform well in the Euro 2016. They ended up second behind Northern Ireland, but in front of Hungary, but had big problems scoring goals during the qualification rounds.

Russia: This is a team that normally does not perform well in international tournaments. Russia ended up second behind Austria in their group (but in front of Sweden) and their most scoring player was Artem Dzyuba who scored 8 goals in 8 matches during the qualification.

Slovakia: This is a team much like Hungary and Nothern Ireland, not expected to do very well during the Euro 2016. But, during the qualification they managed to beat both Ukraine and Spain in matches, and that means that it is a team that should not be underestimated. Their top scorer was Marek Hamsik with 5 goals in 10 matches.

Spain: Besides Germany this must be the biggest favorite to win the European Championship in 2016. They did not perform well in the last World Cup in Brazil, but everyone knows that Spain can outplay any team in the world on a normal day. They won their qualification group in front of Slovakia and Ukraine and their top scorer was Paco Alcácer.

Sweden: For most people Sweden is the same as Zlatan Ibrahimovic and that is it. And that is mostly true, because thanks to him Sweden got to the Euro 2016. The team ended up third behind Austria and Russia, but won their play off matches against Denmark (thanks to three goals made by Zlatan). In total he scored 11 goals in 10 matches during the qualification stage.

Switzerland: The guys from Switzerland ended up second in their group behind England. This time also got to the World Cup in Brazil and they seem hard to beat, but still we believe they will fall short in the Euro 2016 due to their lack of stars. Their most scoring player during the qualification was Xherdan Shaqiri with 4 goals.

Turkey: A goal in the 90th minute in their last group stage match against Iceland sent this team directly to the European Championship in 2016 as the best 3rd team in all the nine groups. They started the qualification in a terrible way, but by the end the speed was up and they won all their last matches. Their most scoring player was Burak Yılmaz with 4 goals in 6 matches.

Ukraine: This is a team that had some trouble during the qualification and only ended up third after Spain and Slovakia. But, in their play off matches against Slovenia they managed to end up with victory after two matches, and this is a team that can play great football on good days. Their biggest profile during the qualification was Andriy Yarmolenko who scored 6 times in 12 matches.

Wales: The last of the 24 teams in the Euro 2016 will be Wales. Finally we will get to see this team in the championship and we are curious to see if Gareth Bale can carry his team to some victories in the championship. Wales ended up second in their group behind Belgium, but before Bosnia who later lost their play off matches to Ireland. Their biggest profile is Gareth Bale who scored 7 goals in 10 matches.

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