Where can I watch Tour de France online?

Tour de France online

The most popular bicycle race of the year is Tour de France. During this fantastic race, the participants travel across all of France on their bicycles, but in the end, there will only be one winner. If you want to watch Tour de France online, how can you do so?

There are quite a lot of TV channels that will broadcast the different races during Tour de France. It is possible to follow these live streams for those living in the given nations where the channels are, but if you try to watch them from outside the original nation of the broadcast you will not be able to watch it because of a geo-block. Luckily that can easily be fixed, and here you will find information about some channels at which you can watch Tour de France online, and with the use of a VPN service, you can watch them from all over the world.

Watch Tour de France online here

If you want to watch Tour de France online, you can follow the competition at the following channels.

Be aware of the fact that you will need an Italian IP address to watch Rai Sport and you will need a Dutch IP address to watch NOS in the Netherlands. The best service that will provide an IP address in both nations at the same time is ExpressVPN. All you need is a one-month subscription (13 USD), and then you can connect to one of their servers in more than 100 nations of the world. Once connected all you need to do is to restart your browser, and once restarted you will surf the Internet with an IP address in the nation of the server you are connected to. If you want to watch RAI Sport in Italy, then you should, of course, connect to a server in Italy.

In the same way, you can use ExpressVPN to get an English IP address which will make you able to stream Tour de France online on ITV in England. Or you can connect to a server in the Netherlands and you will be ready to watch Tour de France online at NOS (NPO) in a few minutes from now.

It is just as easy as it sounds! Watch Tour de France online and enjoy every minute!

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There is no need to worry! ExpressVPN has a 30-day money back guarantee and besides using it to watch the Tour de France online, you can also use it to unblock lots of Netflix regions, to watch BBC and ITV in England, and to watch Champions League football online for free (and so much more). If you sign up using the button above, you will even get three months for free if you purchase their 12-months package.

If you want to watch Tour de France online following these instructions but still need some help, write a comment and I will do my best to help you out!

More about Tour de France 2019

Tour de France is arranged between July 6th and July 28th in 2019. More than 3400 kilometers is waiting for the almost 180 competitors which come from 22 different clubs. The first three races are arranged in Belgium, and after that they will continue to France where the final race will be finished in France on July 28th.

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