Where to watch China – Spain online (FIFA World Cup 2019)

It is time for the last matches of the group stage for group a and group b tonight. The most interesting match of them all will be the group b match between Spain and China as both teams stand with three points before the match, and a place in the knockout stage is at stake for both nations.

This is how to watch China - Spain online tonight on June 17th
Watch China – Spain online on June 17th from the FIFA World CUp for women.

The best result in this match would probably be a a dra.w. That would, most likely, secure both teams a spot in the knockout stage as one of the best thirds in the World Cup and also as the second place team. But, I doubt any of the teams will go for a draw tonight, and that is why this can turn into a very interesting match. On the last FIFA ranking, Spain was ranked as the 13. best nation in the world in female football while China was ranked as the 16. best team in the world. In other words, this is a close race and it will be a completely open match. Would you like to watch China vs Spain live online?

This is how to watch China vs Spain live online

There are a couple of TV channels available worldwide which will show tonight’s match between China and Spain online. The best option is to watch it on BBC in England, and the second best option is to watch it on NRK in Norway. These TV channels are free to watch, but you will need a Norwegian IP address or a UK IP address to gain access to the live streams.

To get such an IP address, we recommend using the VPN services of PureVPN, a brilliant VPN provider that makes it easy to stream the FIFA World Cup 2019 online.

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Once you have PureVPN installed, visit the website of BBC iPlayer and watch their live streams from the match, or visit tv.nrk.no and watch the match between China and Spain live online there.

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