Who will win the Oscars in 2020?

The highlight of the year for the movie industry is just around the corner. But, who will win the big awards in 2020? And will it once again be a success to arrange the event without a host?

We all know that Ricky Gervais received lots of praise and critics for his way of running the Golden Globe in 2020. It is because of criticism like that, and some other aspects, that they decided to run the Oscars 2019 without a host. And due to its success, it will continue in the same way in 2020. But, there will still be tons of celebrities on stage, and of course, stars ready to receive their hoped-for Oscar statues.

I have some personal favorites as well in 2020, and of course, some movies nominated that I found to be totally boring. First of all, there is little doubt about the fact that Joaquin Phoenix should win the Oscar for the best Male leading role. I am not a fan of him, but he was absolutely awesome as Joker, so there shouldn’t really be much discussion about that. The movie itself was also a great one!

Academy Awards in February 2020
Can the Netflix movie Klaus win an Oscar?

Now, many people are curious about whether or not Scarlett Johanson will win an Oscar in 2020? She is nominated both as the best female actress and also as the best female supporting actress. Will she win any of the statues? Or maybe win both of them? Or will she leave without any single statue? We will find out in about 5 days from now.

What about all the Netflix original productions? I know the Netflix staff was disappointed after the Golden Globe awards in 2020, but will it continue in the same way during the Oscars? Or will the Two Popes, and maybe The Irishman actually win quite some statues in Los Angeles on February 9th?

Since I am living in Europe, the entire show starts at 02.00 local time for me, and the most interesting statues are handed out 2 1/2 hours later. So, it is almost no time for sleep if I decide to stay up to stream the full event.

But, no worries, our guide on how to stream the Oscars 2020 is completely up to date, and it might be the best out there.

So many websites are writing about how you can stream the event on ABC in the United States, but that is complicated, and so unnecessary, as there are much better and easier ways to watch the event online. Are you looking for a way to stream the Academy Awards online? Click the link above and get ready to stream very soon!

Can Klaus win an Oscar?

It is interesting to see that Netflix has also received a nomination in 2020 for the best-animated movie. They will have a hard fight with Disney productions such as Frozen 2, but I personally enjoyed Klaus a lot and would be very happy if they received a reward for the movie.

Do you have any personal favorites that you will cheer for during the Academy Awards in Los Angeles on February 9th in 2020? I would love to hear from you!

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