Why is Katarina Rostova angry with Raymond Reddington?

It is less than a month left for us to wait for the season premiere of The Blacklist season 7. We all know that the sixth season was amazing and that it all ended with Katarina Rostova stabbing Raymond Reddington. But, what will happen with Raymond after this?

I have been wondering what will happen following the “interesting” end of season 6. I first thought that Raymond might end up half-dead in the street, only for some trespasser to find him. But, the first trailer of The Blacklist season 7 has just been released by NBC, and here we can see a very different story taking place.

What’s going to happen in The Blacklist season 7?

What will happen to continue season 6 that ended with the stabbing of Raymond Reddington by Katarina Rostova? Well, in the trailer above we can see that Dembe discovers that Raymond is gone and he asks for help. But, what is more interesting, is what is happening with Raymond.

He has been taken by Katarina Rostova herself who know seems to be interrogating and torturing him. What does she want to know? Is she still a Russian spy? There are so many questions, but still very few answers. Will the seventh season be running around this and keeping this part of the story alive for many episodes, or will the agents find Raymond Reddington quickly, and the story will move on without Rostova quickly? There are many questions, but few answers.

We might get to know more as more trailers and previews are released, but as of now, this is all we have got.

If you want to know more about The Blacklist and discuss it, a great place to do so is on Reddit. I just found a little post there citing Jon Bokenkamp, the creator of The Blacklist. In it, he is supposed to have said that “Katarina Rostova is the most formidable Big Bad that we’ve introduced.” That doesn’t sound promising for Raymond who is now captivated by her. We are also promised more clarity as to who Raymond Reddington really is, and it will also be interesting to see if Liz will actually meet Katarina, and if she does, will she know that it is her mother she is speaking with?

Have you seen The Blacklist season 6 yet?

Have you seen the last season of The Blacklist yet? It was really awesome, and you can stream it on Netflix easily. And guess what, you can even use the same instructions to watch The Blacklist season 7 on Netflix. It is really easy, and if you follow those instructions, you can get access to the new The Blacklist episodes on Netflix only a few days after they have aired on NBC in the United States.

So, be well prepared and stay alert for more Blacklist trailers and more The Blacklist related articles here in the IP Address Guide.

What do you expect from The Blacklist season 7? What do you look forward to?

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