Why isn’t Suits season 9 on Netflix yet?

Did you plan on streaming the first episode of Suits season 9 on Netflix on July 18th, just a few hours after it originally aired on USA Network in the USA? You are not alone, and many people have contacted Netflix to find out why it didn’t show up. So, what is the truth? When will it come to Netflix?

I have written a thorough guide here in the IP Address Guide about how you can watch Suits season 9 on Netflix. I was among those who really expected the first episode to show up on Netflix already on July 18th, but I was wrong. Luckily, I wasn’t very wrong, because I only missed by a couple of days.

Suits season 8 aired on USA Network on Wednesday’s, and already on Thursday morning, the Brits could wake up to the brand new episodes on UK Netflix. So, what would be more natural than for the same procedure to take place when it comes to the ninth and the final season of Suits? Well, it would have been normal to go in the same footsteps, but they decided to make some minor changes.

Mike Ross will return for the second episode of Suits season 9.
Mike Ross will return for the second episode of Suits season 9.

USA Network = Wednesdays, UK Netflix = Saturdays

This is the new rule for those who plan on streaming the brand new Suits episodes as quickly as possible on Netflix. You do have to sleep a couple of more days than you had to with season 8, but it is way better than waiting for an entire year like most other Netflix users will have to (who do not have access to Netflix in the UK).

For those of you who hare waiting for the pilot episode of season 9 on Netflix, you will just have to wait for around 13 more hours, and then it should be made available on Netflix in the UK.

How did I like Suits season 9 episode 1?

As a big fan, I have already watched the first episode. I didn’t manage to wait for its arrival on Netflix, and thus I watched it elsewhere instead. After watching, I also visited the Suits Reddit group to see what the reception was like there.

In general, I liked it a lot. But, I have noticed that quite a few fans do not really like the plot and the trouble coming in season 9. There are some cool scenes in the first episode of the season and I have to say (without spoiling too much), that the boxing fight between Harvey and Samantha was a thrill, even though Reddit fans once again called it extremely lame and the worst fight ever.

Mike Ross still hasn’t appeared in the show, but rumors have it that he might show up already in the second episode. Based on the first promo for the second episode, it sure looks that way.

I feel as if there is a lot of chaos in the final season, and who knows how this will end? Will the company end it all and everyone walks in different directions? Or will they manage to keep the company up and running, with all the managing partners remaining happy and friends? I guess we will have to watch all 10 episodes of Suits season 9 to find out!

Have you seen the first episode of Suits season 9? How did you like it?

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