Why was The Walking Dead season 10 removed from Netflix?

Were you one of the many fans who were waiting for The Walking Dead season 10 to come to Netflix on October 6th? Did you manage to see a few episodes? Well, you were lucky, because after a few hours, the entire season was removed from Netflix again.

the walking dead season 10

What has really happened? There are only speculations going on, but you can check the following article for up to date information, the following YouTube clip, or take a look at the following Reddit thread.

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I can only imagine the frustration among many of the fans. They have been waiting for more than a year for the new seasons of The Walking Dead to come to Netflix. It arrives later than expected (as most of us expected it to come in September). They barely managed to wait until October 6th. They visit Netflix in the morning and they can see that the show has been added. Finally! All day they look forward to the evening when they can start to stream the episodes.

Safely home after work, they buy some popcorn, grab a cold beer, and sit down in front of the TV. Everything is perfect! It is cold outside, but warm inside. The first episode is streaming! It was worth the wait, wasn’t it?

After ten minutes an error message shows up! You are trying to watch a show not available in your country! What happened? You didn’t even have time to digest your popcorn, but the show is already over! What happened?

As you go to the Internet, you quickly discover that other people have the same trouble. What has happened? When will this suffering come to an end?

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