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Will Russia/Ukraine have the same effect on crypto as COVID-19 had in February/March 2020?

Many people who look on charts, regret not buying crypto in March 2020? Why is that? Prices were just going down and the market was incredibly bearish, mostly due to COVID and its impact on the world economy and everything that happened. Will we see something similar when it comes to the “who-knows-what-will-happen” with Ukraine and Russia as well?

vechain chart march 2020

Above you can see a chart showing Vechain and its price in USDT. The arrow is pointing to its lowest point that happened in March 2020. That was mostly caused by COVID.

I don’t think we will see such levels once again, but it is worth pondering upon whether a possible invasion of Ukraine from Russia will have devastating effects on crypto prices, but also on normal stocks. This morning, Russia sent “peace-forces” into two areas in Ukraine. And whenever something is happening that points in the direction of a war or an invasion approaching, the prices fall. In other words, if we would see news tomorrow about Russia actually attacking and invading Ukraine with force, then you can know for sure that prices will keep on falling. That is guaranteed.

But, if we would receive news about a retreat and that Russia will calm down and leave Ukraine as it is, then you can also know that it would give a boost to cryptocurrencies and stocks in general.

How far will the Ukraine-Russia trouble go?

The question truly is, how long will this last? And how far will Putin go? Will he actually invade Ukraine? We can know for sure, that whatever takes place will impact the prices of cryptocurrencies heavily. If a real war would start and Ukraine forces would actually fight Russian forces, it would greatly impact the world economy and life in Europe in general. It would be devastating.

But, in the midst of this, somewhere… the bottom will be found. If Russia retreats all its forces and stops today, it will greatly impact the market in a positive way.

If they attack, it will impact the market in a very negative way… but, hopefully, just like with COVID, we will see that the situation will calm down (hopefully, in a peaceful way) and the market will once again gather strength.

It is impossible to buy with perfect timing, but if you decide to invest in crypto now or in the coming weeks, make sure to keep this in mind, because the market is going to be even more volatile than normal because of what’s going on near the borders of Ukraine!

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