When will someone launch a VPN client for Ubuntu?

VPN in UbuntuIf you are an Ubuntu user you are either so because you are a fanatic, because you are poor, because you hate Windows or maybe because you bought a computer on which it was already installed. No matter what the reason is, it is not always easy to get around with Ubuntu and Linux.

Well, truly it is quite easy to get around, but still it is often a bit more complicated. Lets just think about using a VPN. While you can easily use a VPN on Android, on iOS and in Windows it is more complicated to set up and use a VPN in Ubuntu. It isn’t that hard at all, really, but it is way more complicated as you manually need to set up the IP addresses and other detailed information, making it almost impossible for a grandmother to fix it, while even a grandmother can connect and use a VPN in Windows for example. So, which will be the first VPN provider to actually create and make a VPN client for Ubuntu which you can simply download from the Software Center, install, enter your username and password, and connect to whatever server you may want to? We are looking forward to it, and if you know of any such VPN provider that can actually do this, please write a comment, because we would love to write an article on it, try it and share the good news with all Ubuntu users out there!

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