Watch the Handball WC 2019 online!

The 2019 IHF Handball World Championship will be arranged between January 10th and January 27th. Are you looking for a way to watch the World Championship online?

The World Championship will be arranged in Germany and in Denmark, and the first match will be played on January 10th. The final will be played 17 days later, on January 27th! But, how and where can you stream the different matches online? This guide isn’t 100% complete yet, but we will update it if we find better and other ways to stream the handball WC online besides the ones already listed here.

Can France keep up their Handball World Championships winning streak?
Can France keep up their Handball World Championships winning streak?

You can watch the Handball World Cup online here!

Unfortunately, there isn’t such a big interest for the sport of handball worldwide. For that reason, there aren’t really that many TV channels that spend big money on achieving the broadcasting rights for the championship. But, there are some nations in love with the sport of handball, for example, Norway, Hungary, Iceland, and Germany, and in these nations there will be several ways to watch the matches online.

First, get a subscription to ExpressVPN!

First, we recommend that you get a subscription to the VPN services of ExpressVPN. They will help you change your IP address, which again will make you able to stream content on streaming sites in other nations.

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Now that you have an ExpressVPN subscription, these are some channels that will show the Handball World Championship online!

  1. You can watch lots of matches on RUV in Iceland. You can see the full schedule of matches they will broadcast here. For this to work you need to connect to an ExpressVPN server in Iceland!
  2. ZDF and DasErste in Germany will broadcast all matches in which Germany is playing. Connect to an ExpressVPN server in Germany for this to work.
  3. The Hungarian channel M4 will broadcast lots of matches. You can find their live stream right here. For this to work, connect to an ExpressVPN server in Hungary.
  4. The Norwegian streaming service Viaplay will broadcast every single match from the tournament. It is free to try the service for 14 days, but you need a Norwegian IP address, and most likely, a Norwegian payment card.
  5. Teledeporte in Spain will broadcast quite some matches from the Handball WC. The live stream can be found here. You can watch them connecting to a Spanish ExpressVPN server.
  6. DR in Denmark will broadcast some of the matches. You will need to connect to a Danish ExpressVPN server to watch the matches available there.

These are some of the options for those who want to stream the Handball World Championship online in 2019. If you have any comment or question or need some help, just write a comment and we will do our best to help!

Handball WC program January 27 – 2019

  • Germany – France, ZDF Germany, M4 Hungary, RUV Iceland, DR Denmark
  • Denmark – Norway, M4 Hungary, DR Denmark, RUV Iceland

You can watch all these matches online if you follow the instructions given above!

Want to see this in practice? Check this video!

Can France win again?

France has been the best nation in male handball for quite a lot of years. But, it is getting tougher and tougher in the top, and there are lots of hard opponents that want to break the winning streak of the French team. Can one of the hosting nations, Denmark or Germany, stop them? Or what about Norway, Iceland, or maybe Croatia or Serbia?

It will for sure be a fantastic tournament, and we hope you will have a great time streaming it online.

If you have any comments or questions, please leave a comment beneath and we will do our best to answer as soon as possible if you should have a question!

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