What is an IP address? What is my IP address?  Can I change my IP address? Can I get an IP address in another nation? Can I watch Netflix while abroad?

IP Address Guide

In our IP Address Guide, we aim to answer these and similar questions easily and understandably. We could have named this page IP addresses for dummies, but since most people have little or no clue about what an IP address is and what they are used for, we do not believe those to be dummies who know little or nothing about it.

Our goal is however that in a few minutes from now, you will be much wiser on the subject of IP addresses and know more about what your current IP address tells about you, and how you can change it (in case you want to). While we tend to share some dry information with you, we will also share very practical information.

In our blog, we keep posting information regularly with information on how you can watch different TV stations online. If you want to get access to US Netflix while abroad, or maybe want to watch BBC online while traveling in Asia, we will give you information on how this can be done in our local TV online section.

Suppose you are interested in watching a certain event online. In that case, we share information on how you can watch them online using VPN’s to access different TV stations online in our big events online section.

Welcome to our IP Address Guide

You can not write about IP addresses without mentioning VPN services. That is why we have an entire section packed with reviews of the biggest and most famous VPN providers. We do not only share information about the different VPN providers, but we also compare them and come up with different top lists presenting the best VPN providers in different subjects. To get access to our interesting VPN top-lists (and sometimes completely other top-lists), this is the place to go.

Our goal with the IP Address Guide

Our goal is that by reading in our IP Address Guide for a few minutes you will understand more about IP addresses, VPNs and that you will get an answer to whatever brought you this site in the first place.

Some of the other questions you will find answers to in our IP address guide: