Get ready to trade GRAM by the end of October!

Telegram was the company behind the largest ICO as it was performed back in 2018. More than 1,7 bln was spent by investors giving the brand new cryptocurrency and chain their votes, and now it is time for the blockchain to go live and the tokens to be distributed. Why do we know that trading Read More

The dangers of leaving your cryptos in a cold wallet and forgetting about them!

Have you often played with the thought of buying different cryptocurrencies, storing them in a cold wallet, only to check back on them in 10 years from now? Will you end up a rich person, or has the entire crypto market fallen apart and there is nothing left? I have played with the thought myself, Read More

An eToroX review – the real exchange of eToro!

eToro hasn’t been the most popular platform among cryptocurrency traders for a long time. How come? Because you haven’t been trading real coins, but instead you have just been trading on the actual value of the cryptocurrencies. In addition, they have been operating with much higher fees, making it hard to be profitable on small Read More

Earn money and plant trees while searching the Internet – it can be done with Presearch and Ecosia!

Do you feel bad about all the plastic being thrown into the seas? Feel even worse thinking about all the trees that are cut down worldwide for us to live “better” lives? What can you do about it? If you search the web with Ecosia you can plant trees with every single search request you Read More

Telegram integrated into the new XWallet

Pundi X has just released its brand new version of the XWallet, version 2.0, and with this brand new version, several new functions have come into being. One of the most important functions is integrating Telegram into the wallet, making it easy to chat, but also to receive and to gift cryptocurrencies to people you Read More