oscar 2018 online

The ultimate guide to watch Academy Awards 2019 online!

The Academy Awards 2019 is approaching and we are all having high expectations. But, how to watch the Academy Awards 2019 online? This is the ultimate guide! The Academy Awards 2019 will be broadcasted on lots of different TV channels worldwide, but most of the channels broadcasting are pay TV-s, meaning that you will need Read More

asian cup online

The Asian Cup 2019 is heating up!

I have been paying quite close attention to the Asian Cup 2019, and it is getting more and more interesting for every day passing by! After the first round of matches, India looking very strong. Australia, on the other hand, didn’t get a good start on the tournament with their loss to Jordan. Instructions on Read More

how to watch the Grammy Awards online

How to watch the Grammy Awards 2019 online?

The 61st Grammy Awards will be arranged in Los Angeles on February 10th in 2019. How can you stream the Grammy Awards 2019 online? Only a few select people can actually be there in the Staples Center in Los Angeles on February 10th. The rest of us is left to either skip the show or Read More