Now you can earn both Steem and Tron (TRX) as you publish on Steemit!

Have you ever heard about buy the rumour and sell the news? That is the norm, yeah, that is the normal within the crypto world. Do you know why? Whenever someone announce something about an upcoming announcement, they never manage to actually make the news worth the hype. So, when SteemitBlog published a post on Read More

Which is the best VPS for running an Ethereum node (and other nodes)?

Would you like to run a node for the Ethereum blockchain, or maybe some other blockchain? Which VPS will give you the best prices with the best speeds and the best software? I have taken a look upon some of the most famous VPS services, and I will try to give you some solid answers Read More

How can I watch the German series Our Golden Years (Unsere Wunderbaren Jahre) on Netflix?

The German TV series Unsere Wunderbaren Jahre has been a great success in Germany, and it is now ready to reach an even wider audience due to its arrival on Netflix in Germany. But, what can you do if you have heard about this fantastic series and would love to stream it on Netflix, but Read More