IP Address FAQ

IP Address FaqWe all have different things coming to our minds as we here or read the word “IP Address.” In this IP Address FAQ we will try to answer the most frequent questions about IP addresses and share information that you will find both interesting and useful.

The first time you hear about IP addresses it might be hard to grasp and you quickly ask Google what it is all about. We try to answer those popular questions here in our IP Address Guide, and hopefully you will find what you are looking for described in an easy and understandable way.

Some of the most popular IP Address questions

What is my IP address?

This is for sure one of the most basic questions and mostly asked about IP addresses. If you want to find your current IP address and find out what it tells about you, this is the place to go! Here you can also check if you have successfully managed to change your IP address.

What is an IP address?

Do you want to know more about what an IP address is? This is the article for you!

The VPN dictionary

Want to know more about phishing, scamware, hotspots, Wi-Fi networks, VPN, malware, anti-virus, keylogging and other Internet security expressions? Visit our VPN and Internet security dictionary for all the information you need.

Can I change my IP address?

Do you have an IP address that you would like to change? Maybe your IP address is blocked from some services or maybe a forum. Do you want to acquire an IP address in another nation? More information can be found in this article!

What is a VPN?

We do not only answer questions related to IP addresses here, but also questions releated to VPN services. A VPN is the most popular way to change your IP address, but what are all those different VPN protocols about? Find out more as you read around in these articles.

Get an IP address in another country

Do you want to get an IP address in another country for the purpose of bypassing geo-blocks, or simply to use the social media you want to (and not the one the state allows you to use)? There are lots of ways to do it, but here we will tell you how a VPN is the ideal solution for you!