How to get a Russian IP address?

Would you like to virtually reside in Russia and surf the Internet making it look as if all your online activity seems to origin from Russia? This is especially useful if you need to bypass geographical blocks, making it easy to watch and enjoy online content only available to people with an IP address in Russia.

Russian IP addressThe most common reason for reading and searching for this article is that you have tried to reach some content only, only to receive an error message telling you that the content you would like to read or watch is only available to people in Russia, or often they write simply that the content you are looking for is not available to visitors from your region. The fact is that all devices connected to the Internet has an IP address, and this IP address will give lots of information about you to the website you are visiting. This is often used for getting detailed statistics for website owners telling them about where their visitors are located, what browsers they are using and similar information. Find out what your IP address is and what it tells about you!

When you for example visit the website of a Russian TV channel and try to watch some online stream, you might get an error message telling you that the broadcast is not available to you because of your location. The solution is therefore to change your IP address and make the website and all other websites on the Internet believe that you are located in Russia. In other words the solution is for you to get a Russian IP address.

Best way to get a Russian IP address

RussiaThe best, safest and easiest way to get a Russian IP address is to use a VPN solution. There are tons of VPN providers on the Internet and what they do is to offer you the chance to make an encrypted connection to servers all around the globe. Such connections secure your privacy online and they also provide you with an IP address in the nation in which the server you connect to is located. Since you are reading this article you are for sure interested in finding a VPN provider with servers in Russia, thus giving you a Russian footpring as you walk around the web.

One VPN provider with server in Russia is HideMyAss. They have a brilliant VPN service and with the basic subscription you get access to all their servers in all available nations (counting more than 60 at the moment). This means that you can also get Spanish, French, Swedish and tons of other IP addresses with the same subscription, in addition to the Russian IP address.

To get hold of this you simply need to visit the HideMyAss website, sign up for their service for one month, six months or for 12 months. Once you have made these steps you download their VPN program and connect to the server in Russia. You will now get a Russian IP address and previously geoblocked content will now be available.


[stextbox id=”info”]Press the button and get started surfing and residing virtually in Russia. It can be useful to know that HideMyAss has a thirty day money back guarantee, so if you are not satisfied with the product they deliver, you can get a full refund of your money if you make a complain within thirty days (and have not used more than 10gb of bandwidth)![/stextbox]