Best ways to watch RTVE from outside Spain

Are you a fan of the biggest Spanish TV channel and network RTVE? Would you like to watch your favorite TV shows from outside Spain, but you are unable because of a geographical block telling you that the broadcast is not available in your region?

rtve.esThe channel RTVE was founded back in the 50s and one can for sure say that the channel is still going strong. They have a 24 hour news channel, childrens channel, an international TV channel and of course La 1 and La 2 which are their most popular TV channels. On their website you can watch the live streams of La 1, La 2, TDP (Teledeporte) and 24H (their news channel). This is a great offer, but unfortunately quite a lot of these channels block quite a lot of their programs to viewers who want to watch from abroad, so unless you are actually located in Spain that might cause some trouble for you. Luckily this is easy to fix, so if you keep on reading and follow the instructions you can watch RTVE from abroad within a few minutes.

Watch RTVE from outside Spain

To watch RTVE from outside Spain, at least quite a lot of the shows available, you will need to acquire a Spanish IP address. This sounds technical, and it could be, but it is really easy to fix this. The solution is a program with the name HideMyAss. This is a VPN program which connects you to a server in Spain, which again provides you with a Spanish IP address, which then makes the website of believe that you are located in Spain. With this in order you can visit their website again and you will then be able to watch all programs, shows and live streams that were earlier unavailable to you.

HideMyAss is not a free program, but you can make a subscription (which is not expensive at all), and then you can use it as much as you want for the amount of time you make a subscription for. Click the box and visit the HideMyAss website and check it out for yourself. It is really easy, quick and works great!


We have of course tried this ourselves, and here you can see some pictures that we made as we watched RTVE (La 1, La2, TDP and 24H) from abroad.

RTVE from abroad

La 2 from outside Spain

TDP from abroad

24 from outside Spain

It is worth knowing that many sports events are broadcasted by RTVE as well, so if you want to watch some great soccer matches, Champions League or other sports events, this is a working technique that can be warmly recommend. Also, it is not risky as HideMyAss (check my review here) has a thirty day money back guarantee, so if it does not work or if you are not satisfied, you can simply ask for your money back. Check it out yourself and enjoy watch RTVE from abroad! To watch other TV channels like RTVE online, visit this site.

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