StrongVPN review (2022)

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StrongVPN is one of the most famous VPN tools available online, and it has a long history and is known for its great service. The question is if the product is as good as the customer service?

For a long time, the StrongVPN website was hard to understand and filled with different options and packages available. Luckily they changed ownership and with their new owners, necessary changes were made. Earlier you had a limited amount of server changes included, but now you can change without limit just like with other VPN providers.

StrongVPN has different clients available for Windows, iOS, Android, and Mac. For a long time, they had a terrible-looking client for all the different platforms, and it was hard to use and pick the server you wanted. But, since March 2018, they have brand new clients for all platforms, making them all look way better and they are now extremely easy to use!

Strong VPN client for Windows
Strong VPN client for Windows

StrongVPN prices

Luckily StrongVPN has removed all those old-fashioned and complicated packages, and instead, they have a one-month package and a twelve-month package available. The one-month package cost 10 USD a month, while the 12-month package cost around 70 USD a month. The one-year subscription has a nice price and is cheaper than quite a lot of other VPN providers.

If you do not like their product, they offer you a 30-day full refund guarantee.

Since December 2018, you can use one StrongVPN subscription on 12 devices simultaneously. 

StrongVPN logging policy

Are you concerned about your privacy? Does StrongVPN log your online activities? What kind of information do they store about you? Here is the official information from StrongVPN about their logging policy.

  • We are a zero-logging VPN service, meaning we’ll never track or store your data while connected to our VPN service.
  • The only personal information we collect from you is used for your account setup, such as an email address and payment information.

In other words, they should not store any data about your connections, your timestamps, your IP addresses, and so on.

StrongVPN servers

StrongVPN doesn’t have servers in as many nations as PureVPN, HideMyAss, and IPVanish, but we do not suffer from that. They are present in a total of 30 nations, with a total of more than 950 servers in about 45 cities.

If you want to access Netflix from abroad StrongVPN is by far the best provider on the market, and they have some of the best speeds on the market. They have servers in nations such as Canada, United States, Norway, Sweden, Australia, Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Brazil, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Turkey, Singapore, Spain, Mexico, Korea, Latvia, Japan, France, Czech Republic and even more countries.

IP Address Guide conclusion

We were not big fans of StrongVPN for a long time, but with their changes, they have become a much better VPN provider. They have good customer service and a solid money-back guarantee. And with the recent client update, StrongVPN might be our favorite providers on the market. It also comes as a nice plus that they are very good at unblocking Netflix!


Would you like to make a subscription to StrongVPN yourself? Visit the StrongVPN homepage and make a subscription today. If you want to share your own experience, write a comment.

2 thoughts on “StrongVPN review (2022)

  1. Oliver says:

    I’m sorry but StrongVPN is not good, it works bad. I tried using the app but it doesn’t work. Just stuck at authenticating then nothing happens after. The rep was not able to help fix it.

    • Thomas Stein says:

      IF that is true, then you should simply ask for a refund. But, we personally use the StrongVPN app on a regular basis to access US Netflix (for example), and it works great, so have a feeling the problem might be somewhere else!

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