A Medical Police review – Worth the time?

Medical Police is the name of a brand new Netflix series that premiered on the streaming portal in the middle of January 2020. If you have no clue what to expect, this review will help you set your expectations right. Just to let you know, that might be very important before you start. If not, you might end up being very disappointed!

When you hear the title Medical Police, you might get associations with all sorts of TV shows. Maybe you imagine NCIS with some doctor stuff added to it, or maybe some sort of Sherlock, who understand both crime investigation and how to discover clues on bodies here and there. But, another version is Silent Witnesses, the BBC show in which they solve crimes by doing autopsies on dead bodies.

However, if you associate Medical Police with any of these series, you will for sure be surprised when you actually start to stream Medical Police on Netflix. First of all, this is by default about medical personnel. But, they do not really have a clue about investigating crimes, but somehow, they are suddenly in the middle of an investigation. And, this is not really a serious series. This is a comedy series that is making fun of all the traditional crime shows, and also the hospital shows while solving an outbreak of some virus that might end up taking down the entire world.

Medical Police on Netflix
Erinn Hayes and Rob Huebel in Medical Police

Once again, it is important to set your expectations right before you start to stream Medical Police. This isn’t a serious show. This is meant to be a comedy-police-hospital show, and you have two investigators (who really just work in a hospital), who aren’t good at what they do, they don’t understand what they should, and they make fun of things in the middle of trying to catch the bad guys. For example, in the second episode, they see a suspicious person at a crime scene. The person runs away, but instead of running, they stop to talk about whether they are biased to follow the guy. After all, he is a colored person, and it wouldn’t be nice to hunt him down, simply because of his skin color. This doesn’t really make sense, but in Medical Police, it does make sense.

Do you get the point? If you get it, then you probably know already whether or not this is a show for you!

Is Medical Police worth watching?

Erinn Hayes is playing the role of Lola Spratt. That is the same name she had in her role in the AdultSwim program named Children’s Hospital 5 years ago as well. I remember her well for her role in Kevin Can Wait, a sitcom on CBS that I felt sorry about when it was removed. Her partner is Rob Huebel, a man you also might remember from the series Children’s Hospital. He has also taken part in lots of other TV shows, such as Hawaii-Five-O, Black-Ish, Transparent, and many others.

Together they are doing a fair and good job, and they seem like a good time.

I consider Medical Police to be a comedy and based on that, I haven’t been entirely convinced yet that it is worth my precious time. But, it also has a sense of action to it, and that is something I actually like. In that way, this is an action series that will make you laugh (hopefully), and at the same time run towards a plot that needs to be solved. As a result, this is not like the other comedies which just keep on running, without a set goal. Here they are fighting to save the world and stop a dangerous virus, and while doing so, they do their uttermost to make us all laugh. Thatis actually quite fair and nice!

I would give Medical Police a 6,5/10 score!

Investigation in Medical Police

Where to stream Medical Police online?

You can stream Medical Police on Netflix. This is a Netflix original show, meaning that you don’t need access to Indian Netflix, American Netflix, or any special Netflix region in order to stream this. You can simply open your Netflix application or your browser and go to www.netflix.com, and you are ready to stream.

Considering that it is a Netflix original, Netflix is the only place to stream Medical Police. So, there is no need to look elsewhere, because you will not find it on Amazon Prime, on Hulu, or other streaming services.

How did you like Medical Police?

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