Are transactions cheaper on Ethereum and L2 networks after the Dencun upgrade?

We are all looking forward to the Dencun upgrade on the Ethereum blockchain. The one thing we look more forward to than any other thing is cheaper transactions on the layer two blockchains such as Optimism, Polygon, Mantle, and many others. But, are transactions becoming cheaper?

The upgrade is supposed to take effect immediately, meaning that after the upgrade has taken place, the cheaper transactions should become a reality at once. Well, not exactly at once, and that is also what I have seen… the transactions do not become cheaper at once.

dencun upgrade is live

One positive impact is that you should see lower gas prices once the update is complete. Layer 2’s should gradually shift to using proto-danksharding which will result in gas prices settling at lower levels.

As you can see, the changes will only take place as the L2’s gradually shift to using the newly implemented proto-danksharding. In other words, we will see this gradually, probably within the upcoming hours and days.

What is your experience? Have you tried to transact on a layer 2? What was your experience concerning gas fees?

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