BCHSV (BitcoinCashSV) boost after Craig Wright tweet!

It looks like the Bitcoin Cash fork was just what the market needed in order to make a movement. Unfortunately (for most), the movement did not go upwards, but instead, the market dumped and many cryptocurrencies have dropped between 30%-50% in value the last week.

BCHSV, the park of the Bitcoin Cash fork led by Craig Wright, the self-proclaimed Satoshi, also known as FakeToshi, came with lots of accusations and threats in front of the fork, and some people say he is behind the giant market dump the last week.

The SV (Satoshi’s Vision) has experienced a giant dump the last week, just like all other currencies. But, then came a tweet from Craig Wright yesterday which seems to have given the newborn currency a big boost.

What is he speaking about? We have no clue at all, but if there is one thing we know it is that the cryptocurrency market loves speculating. This is most likely a new pump-dump event, meaning that there will come a boring announcement on Friday, and thus the prices will move downwards at once.

We would recommend everyone who owns some BCHSV after the fork to stay alert, as quick price movements can be expected in the coming days because of this announcement.

Don’t be sad – the market can turn around anytime!

And, if you have lost some spirit in the last week because of the price-drop… stay encouraged! The prices of BCHSV has jumped almost 100% in the last 24 hours because of this announcement. There is lots of money waiting to be pushed into the market, and people are just waiting for the right timing. When it comes, the market will boost quickly, just like the price of BCHSV in the last 24 hours!

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