Best way to get a Norwegian IP address

When people want to get hold of a Norwegian IP address it is mostly to watch the Norwegian state TV channel’s (NRK) live feed online from outside Norway. Maybe that is your reason as well, or maybe it is something else.

norsk ip adresseThis article wants to tell you about the best way to get a Norwegian IP address from outside Norway. It might sound very technical, and maybe you read this article fearing that you will not understand what we are about to explain. However, the best way costs a little money, but it is extremely easy and you can surf the internet with a Norwegian IP address in 10 minutes from now if you follow the instructions in this article.

Keep on reading, and get ready to acquire a Norwegian IP address right away.

Use a VPN to get a Norwegian IP address

A VPN service is a service connecting your computer to a server in Norway. Once connected all your traffic will be encrypted on the Internet and all your movement will seem to come from that server in Norway, which again means that you will surf with a Norwegian IP address. If you want to know more about what a VPN is, read our VPN for dummies article.

If you know a little bit about what a VPN actually is, you might be surprised to discover that there are more than 300 VPN providers on the market. Only a few of these actually have well-working servers in Norway, meaning that you do not really have to choose between 300 providers. But, we will help you further by telling you which are the best VPN providers if you want to get an IP address in Norway.

Best VPN services in Norway

We have tried several VPN services with servers in Norway, but unfortunately, most of these have very slow connections and servers in Norway. This is especially true during times when some special sports event is taking place, and it feels as if all of Norway wants to watch the given sports event abroad using a VPN service with a Norwegian IP address at the same time.

Luckily, things have gotten better with time, meaning that in 2019, most VPN providers have way better speeds available on their Norwegian servers than 5 years ago. So, which VPN provider if you want to get a Norwegian IP address?

If security is the most important

If staying safe and secure online is the most important reason for you buying a VPN subscription, then we recommend that you sign up for the VPN services of ExpressVPN. They are seated in the British Virgin Islands, which means that they are outside the typical EU jurisdiction area and that they will keep your data confidential and safe. They have a strict no-logging policy which comes useful as well!

ExpressVPN supports 256-bit AES encryption, and they have a very strict no-logging policy. In addition, they will let you use the subscription at three different devices at the same time. To keep you safe, they also have a 30-day full refund policy. If you really want to stay anonymous, you can also pay for your ExpressVPN subscription using Bitcoin, but you better be aware of the fact that you will not be able to enjoy the 30-day full refund policy if you actually pay with Bitcoin.

If you want blazing download speeds

If the most important to you is to be able to surf with blazing download speeds as you connect to a VPN server in Norway, then you should make a subscription to ExpressVPN. Yet again, this VPN provider is capable of giving you fantastic download speeds, and you should not be surprised to see download speeds above 100 Mbps if you use ExpressVPN (and have an original Internet connection with good speeds.

If you want to unblock Norwegian TV channels

Most people who look for a way to get a Norwegian IP address do so in order to unblock popular Norwegian TV channels like NRK, TV2 Sumo, Viaplay, HBO Nordic, TVNorge, and TV3. Luckily, you can quite easily unblock these as well using the VPN services of ExpressVPN. As a result, yet again our pick for this is to use the VPN services of ExpressVPN. We have tested them recently, and you can use their services to unblock all the mentioned TV channels and streaming services.

To watch Norwegian Netflix abroad?

If your ultimate goal is to get access to Norwegian Netflix abroad, things are getting much harder. The reason is simple, almost all VPN providers are blocked by Netflix. There might be one VPN provider working today, but tomorrow they might be blocked. So, the best place to look for a VPN provider that will give you access to Norwegian Netflix is in this article.

The cheapest VPN that will give me a Norwegian IP address

So far we have written about security and unblocking streaming sites. But, to most people, the price is very important as well. ExpressVPN is not among the cheapest on the market, but that is also why you get a great product. But, if you want to find a cheaper VPN service that will give you a Norwegian IP address, and at the same time help you watch NRK from abroad, watch TV2 Sumo from abroad and so on, we would recommend the VPN services of PureVPN.

PureVPN is a VPN provider with servers in almost 100 nations around the world. They will give you great speeds as well, and they have a nice 31-day full refund policy. Once you have a subscription, you can use it at 5 devices at the same time, meaning that you can share your subscription with friends and family and all enjoy the benefits of it at the same time.

PureVPN will also help you unblock TV channels in lots of other nations in the world, for example, BBC and ITV in England. Their one-month subscription normally cost around 11 USD, but if you sign up for 1 year, you can often enjoy prices of less than 4 USD per month in total!

Are you ready to get a Norwegian IP address?

Follow the instructions in this article and sign up for the VPN services of either ExpressVPN or PureVPN and get started! If you come up with any questions or just want to share what’s on your mind, use the comment field!

Enjoy surfing the Internet virtually residing in Norway!

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