Best ways to get an Austrian IP address

Austrian IP addressAustria is an idyllic nation with beautiful nature, fantastic new years eve concert in Vienna and it is the homeland of the Mozart kugeln and Sound of Music. You might long for other Austrian stuff, but there are content that is blocked on the Internet and only available to people surfing with an Austria IP address. How to get an Austrian IP for yourself?

There are some TV channels in Austria that have placed a geo blocked on their live streams so to watch them you need to have an Austria IP. There are other video services that have the same requirements and some online gaming sites also require its users to have an Austrian IP address. If that is you, the solution is near!

Use a VPN to get an Austrian IP address

The best and safest way to get an Austrian IP address is to subscribe to a VPN service. We have tested 7-8 VPN services and checked out which one provides best client and speeds for people who want to get hold of an IP in Austria, and here you have the result!

The best service if you need an Austrian IP address is:

1. IPVanish (16 Mbps download speed)
2. HideMyAss (9 Mbps download speed)
3. ExpressVPN (6 Mbps download speed)

What these VPN services let you do is to download their client after making a subscription. With the client you can easily connect to a server in Austria they provide and once connected you have an Austrian IP and can surf the Internet like a local austrian would and see the same content as they can.

Such a VPN subscription normally costs around 10 USD per month and for that price you can not only connect to a server in Austria but if you use IPVanish or HideMyAss you can also connect to servers in almost 50 nations around the earth, and thus enjoy the benefits of for example surfing the Internet with a UK IP address (which lets you watch ITV and much more).

HideMyAss IPVanish

There are several other VPN tools out there on the market, but still very few of them provide servers in Austria, so therefore the mentioned three tools are the best and fastest if you look for an IP in Austria. Here you can see a screenshot what the IPVanish client looks like and how easy it is to find their server in Austria and connect to it!

Austrian IP address with IP Vanish
It is easy to get an Austrian IP with IPVanish


Good luck and enjoying whatever activity you are planning to do once surfing the net with an Austrian IP!

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