The Big Short premiere on Netflix

It isn’t every day that a Academy Awarded film which recently could be seen in theaters has its premiere on Netflix. Today it is happening as The Big Short is made available on US Netflix.

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Now you might want to know more about the film before you invest some hours of your life in watching it. It can therefore be worth knowing that the film is not a typical ladies film suitable for a girls night out, and it is not the perfect film for a couple who want to enjoy a romantic film together. The Big Short is more of a documentary with some fantastic actors, and it deals with a real subject and real happenings.

the big short on netflix 2016

The storyline in The Big Short deals with the Economic Crisis that touched the world and impacted the world back in 2008. To most people the crisis and its impact came as a major surprise, but to some people with financial insight the crisis did not come as a surprise.

In The Big Short you can follow these characters and see what they know, what they did about and much more. This might sound boring, but when you consider the fact that these smart people with financial insight are played by Brad Pitt, Ryan Gossling, Christian Bale and Steve Carrell then it might be much more interesting at once.

Go ahead and watch it right away as it can already be seen on US Netflix.

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