Where can I get a virtual payment card in Germany?

Do you need a virtual German payment card for some reason? Do not want to give out your actual card numbers on the Internet, and therefore need a virtual card? Or maybe you need a virtual German card in order to pay for some service which require a German card? The solution is just around the corner.

It has become very common recently to get virtual payment cards. There are lots of services online offering such cards, not only in Germany, but all around the world. Among the most famous such providers you find for example Entropay which is used by lots of people worldwide. There are other similar to Entropay like for example SpectroCard. But, these do not give you German payment cards, but rather US or UK cards. So, where should you go in case you need a virtual card for payments in Germany?

Virtual card in Germany

Virtual German payment card

Based on our tests the very best solution if you need a way to pay for German services is MyWireCard. They offer virtual Master Cards which can be used for paying for German services, also those which require you to have a bank card issued by a bank in Germany.

  • Virtual Master Card with MyWireCard

If you press the link above you should be able to sign up for their services. Notice that you do not get your virtual card number before you have added actual money to the account. This is a quite slow process as the money needs to be transferred using a wired transfer from your existing bank account. You should expect this to take at least 3-5 days, so some patience is needed. But, once the money arrive you will have your German payment card up and working.

We have used such a card for example to pay for the services of DAZN, but it can for sure be used for lots of other purposes as well.

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