Can I pay Skype credits with Bitcoin?

Do you have a Skype account that you would like to fill with money using cryptocurrencies? Don’t you want to pay for your Skype Credit using your Credit Card, but instead you would like to spend some Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, or Dash? It hasn’t been possible for a long time, but now it is!

Can you imagine sitting with big values in cryptocurrencies, but it still feels like a shame that you cannot visit stores online and offline and pay with your digital currencies. There are, of course, some exceptions, and with the payment cards coming based on cryptocurrencies things will get easier, but we still have a distance to walk before this gets normal, natural and easy and cheap to acquire. But, did you know that you can buy Skype Credits using Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, and Dogecoin? I just discovered it, and it is really cool!

How to buy Skype credits with cryptocurrencies?

In order to buy Skype credits, or a Skype gift card (call it whatever you want), with your digital money, this is what you need to do!

  1. Visit and create a user.
  2. Check out the gift cards available in your country.
  3. Choose VoIP, and there you will find Skype.
  4. Choose the gift card balance you want to purchase.
  5. Click the Bitcoin price, and you will see different options and payments methods available. Pick the one that is suitable to you (you will find transfers using the Lightning network, old fashioned transfer, instant payment with Coinbase and more as options).
  6. Once the payment has been received and processed you will receive a gift card code to your email address and also to your screen.
  7. You can now either give this gift code as a present to someone else, or you can activate it yourself in your own Skype account.
  8. Enjoy Skyping!

How to buy Skype Gift Card with cryptocurrencies (images)

Select your country, then VoIP, Skype, and then set the amount of the gift card.
Select your country, then VoIP, Skype, and then set the amount of the gift card.

Once you have pressed the value of the gift card, you will see the following screen.

Which cryptocurrency do you want to pay for the Skype Gift Card with?
Do you want to pay for your Skype Gift Card with Bitcoin?

Once you have selected the payment method, you will either be given an address to which you have to transfer the amount to be paid, or it will be deducted from your Bitrefill wallet (if you have money there), or it can be paid for instantly with your Coinbase account. If you decide to pay with Ethereum, it will look something like this.

All the information you need to pay for your Skype Gift Card using Ethereum
All the information you need to pay for your Skype Gift Card using Ethereum

As you can see, this is very easy, and once the transfer has been confirmed on the blockchain, the page will load again and you will see the Skype Gift Card code which can be used to add the money to your Skype account. You will also receive an email with the code, making sure that you will have the code both on your computer screen and in your email inbox.

That is it. You should now be ready to add credit to your Skype account which you have bought using cryptocurrencies. Isn’t that kind of neat?

I truly enjoy this, and I have also compared the prices between the cryptocurrency prices and the USD prices, to make sure this was good stuff. I had a fear that I would have to pay a much higher value in cryptocurrency to actually get my 10 USD worth of Skype credit, but that wasn’t so at all. Based on some quick calculator clicks I noticed that the actual convertion of the cryptocurrency I had to pay for the gift card to USD showed that the price was only a few cents higher than the actual price of the gift card in USD. In other words, the prices are really good, and you will not “loose” a lot of money paying for the Skype Gift Card using Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin or Dogecoin compared to paying with your MasterCard or VisaCard online.

Do you need any help purchasing Skype credit with your favorite cryptocurrency?

If you need any help or advise, or just want to share your experience using Bitrefill, please write a comment beneath. I would love to hear from you!

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