Can I use LastPass password manager in Brave Browser?

Brave Browser is taking the world by storm. It is very popular for many reasons. Many people enjoy it for its privacy functions, in which you can easily surf in privacy mode, and even surf with Tor mode inside the normal browser. Others enjoy the fact that they can earn money surfing with Brave, while others like the chance to block ads and more.

But, if you want to use Brave Browser all day, then you will for sure need to use your favorite password manager as well. LastPass is one of the most famous password managers, but when you visit the LastPass website, you do not see any option of adding LastPass to Brave. So, is there a way to add the LastPass password manager extension to Brave?

LastPass extension in Brave Browser

This is how you can add LastPass to Brave Browser

It is very easy to add LastPass to Brave Browser. You simply need to download it from the Chrome Web Store, while using Brave Browser. You can find it in the Chrome Web Store clicking the link below.

Now all you have to do is to install the extension, and you will be ready to surf safely with Brave browser and have access to all your passwords in LastPass while doing so.

Isn’t that just great?

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