Error occurred. Please try again – CBS All Access Payment error

Would you like to sign up and pay for the services of CBS All Access? Can’t do so, because you get the “Error occurred. Please try again” error all the time? This is the solution.

We love CBS TV series, and especially The Big Bang Theory and Scorpion. That is why we actually love to pay for services that we like and use, but with CBS All Access we had a really hard time doing so. The reason is very simple. Whatever we tried and however we tried, it did not work. We always got an error message looking something like this.

cbs payment info
What to do when you can’t pay for CBS All Access?

Have you seen the same? We tried a lot. We used payment cards from Entropay, Payoneer and revolut, but it did not work. As we visited we tried to register using US postal addresses, we used different VPN connections and other methods, but still the error message was all we could see.

Someone gave us an idea

After trying to register for CBS All Access in Windows for a long time someone gave us an idea. What about registering using an iPad or iPhone, using the Apple ID? A great idea, so we tried. But, we bumped into trouble again. To pay for CBS All Access using our US Apple ID we actually need a payment card to be authorized with the US Apple ID. But, we could not register Entropay, Revolut or Payoneer card for this purpose either, and thus we could not pay for CBS All Access, since we had no US card that was authorized with the Apple ID.

So, what did we do then? We though we could give Android a try. We downloaded the CBS app for Android and started the registration process for CBS All Access. Our Google account has an international payment card registered to it (not an American), but as we got to the payment process we were allowed to use this. And thus in the end we managed to register for CBS All Access signing up through Google Play Store on our Android device. And once you have signed up you can of course use those credentials to watch CBS All Access on your Apple TV, Windows computer, Mac, iPad or whatever.

Some claim that an American Express Gift Card might solve the problem and give another solution. We have not been able to try that at this moment, but will check it out in the near future.

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