How to get a Cuban IP address?

Cuban IP addressCuba is for many known to be the nation of Fidel Castro, famous for its Havana sigars and nice music. Do you want to get yourself an IP address in the nation of Cuba, bypassing geo-blocks and securing your online movements?

It has been almost impossible to get a Cuban IP address for a long time, because those providers and programs offering IP addresses in other countries have not really found Cuba to be a very important nation to which they need to open their services in. However, recently one of the most famous providers of such services named HideMyAss changed this, meaning that at the time writing they have more than 100 IP addresses in Cuba available to people from all across the world. To get hold of such an IP address you only need a subscription to HideMyAss. Once you have that you can connect to their server in Cuba, and you will have a Cuban IP address in less than 10-15 seconds. It is very easy, and once you have your local IP in Cuba you can bypass geo-blocks and you will surf encrypted and secure your private data online.

Visit the HideMyAss website by clicking the button beneath this text. It is nice to know that they give you your money back if you have used less than 10 gigabyte of bandwidth and complain within 30 days.HideMyAss

Can I use this subscription for more stuff?

Of course, and that is what is so great with a subscription to HideMyAss. It opens the world to thousands of opportunities and chances. You can for example use this subscription to sign up for a Netflix account and watch Netflix in the United States. Or you can use it to watch HULU, NBC, CBS and other US channels. Or you can use it to watch European TV channels as you get yourself an IP address in European nations such as France, Italy, Spain and so on. All this is possible using HideMyAss. Read more in the following article.

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