How to get an IP address in the Faroe Islands?

ip address faroe islandsThe Faroe Islands if for sure not the biggest country on earth, but the people there are proud and nice and nowadays even their national football team starts gathering points and score goals in their international matches. But, how can you get an IP address in the Faroe Islands?

The answer if you want to get an IP address in the Faroe Islands is to use the VPN servers of a provider named HideMyAss. They are the biggest VPN provider in the world and they currently have servers in more than 150 nations worldwide. All you need is to sign up for their services, and once you have signed up you can download their VPN client which is available for Android, iOS and Windows. With the client you can connect to all servers in all nations, but you will want to connect to the server located in Torshavn in Faroe Islands. Once you have connected to this you will get a new IP address, and it will be a Faroe Islands IP address instead of your current IP address which is located in some other nation of the world.HideMyAss

This is brilliant, and you can use this to watch geoblocked material online only available to people actually located in the Faroe Islands. But, if you first sign up for a HideMyAss subscription you can also use it for so much more, and if you are interested, you can read more about the other advantages of a VPN subscription in the following article.

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