How to get a Slovakian IP address?

Slovakian IP addressDo you look for a way to get yourself an IP address in the nation of Slovakia? Would you like to stay virtually in Bratislava, even though your real location is somewhere completely else? Get yourself a Slovakian IP address in a few minutes!

The best way for you to get yourself a Slovakian IP address is to sign up for the services of the VPN provider IPVanish. Maybe you are a skeptic and wonder what this can do for you, but it is really simple. IPVanish is a serious and trustworthy company which has servers in about 50 nations worldwide. As you sign up for their services you can connect to any of these servers using their software, and as you connect to their server in Slovakia (located in Bratislava), you will not only encrypt and secure your connection, you will also be given a Slovakian IP address.

With such an IP address you can for example bypass geo-blocks, such as the ones used by a channel such as RTV/RTVS on lots of their online broadcasts. With this strategy they make it impossible for people outside Slovakia to watch the broadcasts, but as you get yourself a local IP in Slovakia using IPVanish it will turn possible at once to watch again, and you can enjoy geo-blocked content easily!IPVanish

Just press the button above and you can visit the IPVanish website and sign up for their services. It is incredibly easy, and you can really find yourself watching the live broadcasts at RTVS online in only a few minutes from now, or maybe some other stuff that you would like to watch from outside Slovakia.

Enjoy it, and if you have questions or comments, use the forms beneath to share it with the world!

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