Has SurfsharkVPN implemented the WireGuard protocol?

SurfsharkVPN is one of the leading VPN providers in the world today, and that is quite extraordinary considering that it has only been around for more than 2 years. But, they have fought their way into the industry, and it is getting very popular because of its applications and useful features. But, when will SurfsharkVPN implement the WireGuard protocol?

The WireGuard protocol is the buzz-word of the industry today, and it is a VPN protocol that makes the VPN connection faster, simply because of a much better and more efficient code. It is made for a modern world, meaning that it keeps you in connection and encrypted, even when changing mobile networks and WiFi networks, and when you enter an elevator, loose your connection, and then get it back again as you leave the elevator. If you want to know more about the WireGuard protocol, check the following article or the following YouTube clip.

surfsharkvpn and the wireguard protocol

SurfsharkVPN and the WireGuard protocol

SurfsharkVPN has received lots of requests from their existing customers, and people who have considered buying a subscription, might have skipped the VPN because of the lack of support for the WireGuard protocol.

But, as of September 2020, SurfsharkVPN has implemented the WireGuard protocol in almost all their applications. If you download the SurfsharkVPN application for Windows, Macintosh, or Android, you will find the WireGuard protocol present and ready to use. You might have to change it manually if you want to use it at all times, but it is there. By default, SurfsharkVPN will choose the best protocol for you, but you can make WireGuard the default protocol if you want that.

iOS users will have to wait a while more, as the Apple Store is running a very strict control on all applications available. That is why SurfsharkVPN is still waiting for the new application to pass the tests, but whenever it has passed through, the WireGuard protocol will be available to iOS users as well.

In other words, SurfsharkVPN has now taken one step up, giving their users the most modern and the fastest VPN protocol available.

Surfshark VPNwith 30-day money back guarantee

Would you like to know more about SurfsharkVPN? Why not take a look at our written SurfsharkVPN review? If you want to get a quick overview instead, check our SurfsharkVPN overview in 2 minutes on YouTube.

Other advantages with SurfsharkVPN

Besides running the newest and most modern VPN protocols, SurfsharkVPN has several interesting tools such as CleanWeb, Alert, and Search. These are useful features that will protect you from phishing sites and other suspicious domains. The Alert tool will let you add email addresses to the system, and whenever one of your email addresses is included in a data breach, you will be alerted. This is really useful considering that many hackers and exploiters use these data to fool you, for example is sextortion attacks often taking advantage of data from such data breaches. The Search tool is useful for those who want to search the Internet without cookies, and using a clean search engine. What does that mean?

Google knows a lot about you, so whenever you search, they try to give you the search results they believe will be the best for you. A different person sitting a few inches away from you using a different computer and logged in with a different Google account might see very different results. This is the result of Google trying to make wise decisions for you.

But, what would you find if the search engine didn’t know anything about you? That is what Surfshark Search is all about. Give it a try, and you might be surprised at your findings!

Want to know more about SurfsharkVPN?

Take a look at the following intro video on YouTube.

In the clip above, you will not hear much about VPN protocols like WireGuard, but you will find general information about SurfsharkVPN and information that might come useful to those who have just heard of the VPN provider and who consider buying a subscription to the service. It is easy to understand, meaning that it is ideal for those with little tech insight, but who still considering getting an extra layer of security online by using a VPN connection!

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