Hector Finance is recovering – has the negative trend finally reversed?

We haven’t seen many positives among the different rebase tokens recently, and that has been very easy to discover if you have followed the results of our rebase token experiment recently. Last week, every single project ended in minus, meaning that they lost value compared to the value it had seven days earlier. But, this week something has changed, and at the top of it all we can find Hector Finance.

Hector Finance

One week ago, the price of one HEC token was approximately $12, but now it is trading above $16. That might not seem like a giant pump, but it is still a nice one and it shows that people still believe in this project and in the team behind the project.

It is also important to understand that Hector Finance is no longer operating with crazy high APY, but instead, they are currently running with an APY of 220% or something like that, making the daily emission much more healthy and making it hard for whales to just sell tokens at a giant speed. If they do, they will slowly no longer be a part of the game.

Is this telling us that there is hope for the rebase tokens?

I do not think this is something that speaks about the rebase tokens in general. In fact, I have mostly forgotten about all of them, with OlympusDAO and Hector Finance being the two exceptions. But, if I had to pick only one project, I guess it would be Hector Finance and not OlympusDAO. I might be wrong about that, but I feel like there is more creativity and brilliant minds working on making the most out of Hector Finance.

So, what will the future bring? I cannot say anything for sure yet, but I do feel encouraged by the price development of Hector Finance in the last seven days. Will it last? I do hope so.

What do you think?

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