Hotshots on Amazon Prime in March

Amazon Prime isn’t a streaming platform I hold very dear. They bring some interesting titles from time to time, but mostly, I spend little to no time streaming their content. But, from time to time they offer some great content, and I believe March will be a highlight month for those who want to watch google Amazon Original movies.

Amazon has produced quite a lot of good movies, even though Manchester by the Sea (which even received an Academy Award) was deadly boring. But, they have TV-shows such as The Boys, and Fleabag, for which they deserve credit and praise. March will not be a month for those in love with the Amazon original TV shows, but there will be four new movies coming to the platform that I believe will be worth streaming.

Check the clip above to get a short taste of the four major highlights on Amazon Prime in March 2020.

Which are those four movies?

One of the titles hasn’t been 100% promised in March, but it seems very likely that it will be added to the streaming platform in the first autumn month of 2020. Which movie is that? The Vast of Night!

The Vast of Night is about a DJ and a radio girl who together discover something that will change the city they live in. But, it isn’t easy, and it is very dangerous.

The Pale Horse is an Agatha Christie novel written in the start of the 1960s. It doesn’t feature Poirot, but instead, there is a totally other investigator looking into a murder case.

Blow the Man Down is a critics’ praised movie that deals with two girls who suddenly realize that their city is built upon secrets not known by many. How do they discover this? As they have to get rid of a dead body, after killing an intruder that wanted to harm them

ZeroZeroZero deals with how a son is sent to follow a large shipment of drugs, from the ones creating it, all the way until it is delivered into the hands of the buyers. This is a long and dangerous process!

Get ready to enjoy Amazon Prime in March!

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