How can I find, modify, and delete scheduled tweets on Twitter?

Are you using Twitter frequently? Have you scheduled a Tweet, but now you would like to modify the tweet, or maybe delete it entirely? But, there is a tiny problem… you are unable to find the scheduled tweet. Where can it be found? How can you modify the tweet? How can you delete the scheduled tweet on Twitter?

This is a problem most people do not have, because they know where it can be found. But, for someone who still haven’t discovered how and where you can make changes to scheduled tweets, this can feel like a nightmare.

Maybe you have look around in your profile, in the settings, and elsewhere on Twitter, but you are still unable to find your scheduled tweets. So, how can it be done? Where can you find your scheduled tweets on Twitter?

How to edit scheduled tweets?

To be honest, this is an incredibly stupid thing because Twitter has just made it way more complicated than needed. As a result, there is still NO SUPPORT for this function in the Twitter application for Android and iOS. You read it correctly, you cannot edit or delete a scheduled tweet if all you have is a Twitter application for Android or iOS systems.

But, you should still be able to fix it. The solution is to visit the Twitter website in your browser (on your operating system or on your mobile) and then log in with your credentials.

  • In your browser, click the icon for scheduling a tweet (as you can see in the image below).
schedule a tweet and delete it

When you click the calendar image, you will get the chance to schedule your tweet. But, you will also find the option that will allow you to see all your scheduled tweets and then make changes to those.

scheduled tweets delete
  • You can now see your scheduled tweets and you can modify them or delete them.

That is how it can be done. The unfortunate thing is that there is no such function at all in the Twitter applications for Android and iOS systems. There is one thing you can do if it is important to you, and that is to use third party applications like Hootsuite or Buffer. These will let you schedule tweets and you will be able to modify them easily until they are published. But the Twitter application itself does not support such an option of changing or deleting a scheduled tweet at the moment.

We hope these instructions will help you. If you have further insight, comments, or maybe a question, use the comment field below.

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