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How can I pay for PeacockTV Premium without an American payment card?

PeacockTV is the streaming service from NBC Universal in the United States, and it is a fantastic service for those who love good TV series, movies, and live sports, such as Premier League football and more. But, how can you watch PeacockTV abroad? And how can you pay for PeacockTV outside the United States?

I have already written an article on how you can watch PeacockTV abroad. It is quite easy and by using one of the few VPNs that work, you can easily stream and watch the PeacockTV content abroad. But, if you want to stream the Premium content, you will need to pay for your subscription. And to pay for your subscription, you need to have an American payment card or an American PayPal account. What can you do if you have neither of those?

How to pay for PeacockTV abroad?

I was out there looking for ways to pay for PeacockTV, but it wasn’t really easy. I was looking through some of the options I have used to pay for CBS All Access abroad, but for some reason, I couldn’t pay for PeacockTV using my American Google account (and the payment card attached to it). I thought that would have been the easiest option, but the Android application just told me to visit the website of PeacockTV, so that was a game over call for me.

But, after trying here and there, I finally managed to solve the issue. It might sound complicated to you, but it doesn’t have to be! First of all, you will need a VPN subscription to ExpressVPN. This is needed in order to stream the content later anyway, so you can just go ahead and get one immediately.

ExpressVPN49% discount – 3 free months

ExpressVPN has a 30-day full refund policy, so if you don’t like it, you can easily ask for a refund. ExpressVPN works on all the big platforms, it is extremely easy to use, and you can use one subscription on five devices at the same time. It is the fastest of all the VPNs on the market at the moment!

Currently, I have two solutions for this matter:

  1. Get yourself a US Unlocked payment card.
    This is issued in the United States, and you will be able to use it for paying for American services such as PeacockTV. This will take some time to active, get the actual card, deposit money and more, but once you have it, you will find it really useful for activities such as paying for PeacockTV.

    You can find a very thorough step-by-step instruction on how to watch PeacockTV and how to pay for PeacockTV abroad in this article.
  2. Get a US Apple Account
    Use the VPN and connect to a server in the United States. Now visit and create a brand new Apple ID. Set your address to be in the United States (just use a random US address creator to get one), and finish the registration process. Now you need to add some money to the account, so buy a US iTunes Gift Card and redeem it to your newly created US Apple Account. When that is done, use your US Apple ID on an Apple device you own, find the PeacockTV application in the Apple Store, download it, run it, and go get a Premium subscription. You will later pay with it from the money added with the iTunes Gift Card.

Both methods might sound complicated, but they are not really that hard. You will need to use the VPN to actually stream the content on PeacockTV, and it is well worth it. At the time of writing, I am watching Tour de France live race on PeacockTV, and in a few days, I will watch a Premier League match. Besides that, I can also stream all the episodes of Monk and Downton Abbey on PeacockTV, so it is well worth the pain. The gain is much higher!

Do you still need some help?

Do you have some questions or do you know of some other way to pay for PeacockTV abroad, please write a comment and let me know about it.

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  1. Kevin Jones

    Problem is from the UK, when you try to create a new Apple ID it needs a US telephone number where they either text or call you to verify your identity so it can’t be done like that

  2. Me

    Apple won’t verify my account when trying to download the app in the US App Store. I’ve tried a couple of addresses now but still it says you’ll need to contact them to verify for the billing address even though I’m not adding a card or PayPal. It’s driving me mad all I want to do is watch football

  3. David Walke

    I can find NO way to purchase Peacock even within the US. Finally reached a rude woman at NBC who said I PEACOCK has NO phone number and that I’m SOL!!..and hung up.

  4. paul booth

    done all the above but when it comes to buying the itunes gift card it doesn’t seem to go through. Am i doing something wrong? i’m in the UK

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