How to find out which tweets bring visitors to your website?

Are you suddenly getting a lot of visitors to your website, and they all seem to come from Twitter? But, who has tweeted? Which tweet is bringing the visitors to your site?

We recently posted an article about a cryptocurrency related happening taking place in Tokyo on March 8th. The article got lots of visitors, and we noticed that quite a lot of them came from Twitter. But, we couldn’t exactly understand where they came from. We, therefore, wanted to find out exactly which tweets made the visitors come, and this is what we did!

Which tweets refer visitors to your website?
Which tweets refer visitors to your website?

Find out which specific tweets bring visitors to your site

If you suddenly get a lot of visitors to your website from Twitter, you probably see at once which article they are visiting (based on a bounce in the number of visits to that specific article). Now, let us first find out who has actually tweeted about that article:

Who has tweeted about the given article

To find out who has tweeted about the given article copy the exact address of the article into the Twitter search field.

who has tweeted about your article
We pasted the following address into the Twitter search field:

Now you will at once see a list of all the people who have mentioned your article in one of their tweets. This is a very useful thing to know about, so if that is all you learned reading this article, you haven’t read the article in vain.

But, maybe you want to know exactly which tweet brought the visitors to your site? It can be done!

As you can see there are loads of people tweeting about our recent article, and therefore we want to understand more about which tweets are the most important ones? At first, we believed that they were listed in order of importance, but that doesn’t seem to be true at all.

How to find out which exact tweet brings people to your website?

If you want to see the exact amount of people coming to your website because of certain tweets, keep the Twitter search page open. While you do so, open Google Analytics for your website (hopefully you have that running). Go to “Aquisition” and “Referrals.” Press the link. On the list of referrals, you will see “” Those are the visitors coming from links they have pressed on Twitter.

twitter visitors exact
Press the following texts to open the list of visitors coming from different tweets on Twitter

As you press the link, you will see a list looking something like this.

list of twitter referrals

But, if you press the link button next to the Tweets, you will only get directly to the article that you published. So, what to do to find the exact Twitter referral? Take a look at link number one and its address. It is /BXjU0sPpDF. If you do a Twitter search for that could you will not find anything. This might seem a bit complicated, but this is what you need to do. Remember the Twitter link code, that is BXjU0sPpDF.

  1. Go back to your Twitter search page where you can see all the different results.
  2. Place your mouse above the link to your article in the different Tweets.
  3. As you hover your mouse above the link, take a look at the actual link which you can see in the bottom left corner (normally).
  4. At the screenshot beneath you can see an example, and the twitter link is – that is… I have found the Tweet referring most people to my article.
the true twitter referrer
I have now discovered which tweet brings lots of visitors to my site

After reading this article I hope you have discovered how to find exact referrers on Twitter yourself. I am sure that there are much easier ways to do the same thing, but I do know that the Jetpack stats with WordPress does not give out the exact referrers, neither do Google Analytics, but the combination of Google Analytics and Twitter search does the job.

If you have further comments or questions, please write in the comment field beneath!


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