How to make really cool screenshots in the Opera browser with all sorts of effects?

We are writing a lot of articles here in the IP Address Guide, and many of the articles are what we call explainers in which we show and explain how you can solve different problems. Normally the problems or difficulties are related to Internet security and VPN services, or with cryptocurrencies. But, how can we make such explainers in an easy way? How can we make screenshots with arrows and text that make it even easier to show what we are doing and how to solve the problems at hand? Here we will show you how this can be done easily using the Opera browser.

The first thing you need is the Opera browser itself. When you have it itself, then there are two options to actually make the snapshot/screenshot.

  • You can click the snapshot button in the menu in the top right corner.
  • You can use the hotkey which is CTRL-SHIFT-5
opera snapshot instructions

In the image above, you can see the location of the snapshot tool. One thing you should know is that you are only able to take a snapshot of the actual website you are visiting, meaning that the area outside the actual website cannot be reached. What does this mean? The screenshot above wasn’t made using this tool, because I wouldn’t have been able to show the actual Opera toolbar with the tool. As long as you are only working with the content of the actual website the Opera snapshot/screenshot tool is ideal for you!

I am ready to make a snapshot/screenshot in Opera

Are you ready? Let us say that you have found an article and you want to send it to someone on Twitter or publish it in an article. You click the snapshot button or use the hot-key for this to happen. You will now be able to select the area that you want to include. If you just want the entire screen from the website, you can select that at once, but if you want a specific area, you can use the selection tool to decide which parts of the website you want to use.

When this is done, you can decide whether you want to copy it to your memory (and paste it somewhere else), or if you want to capture and keep on working with it. The coolest option here is the capture option because it will make you able to add lots of effects to the screenshot you just made.

making a snapshot in the opera browser

When you have clicked capture, you will be taken to the next screen where you will be able to add arrows, blur areas, emphasize areas, where you can add text, add smileys and other faces, and even add a selfie if you think that would look nice.

using the opera snapshot tool to blur, emphasize, write text, create arrows.

As you can see, there are several options and it is quite easy to use. Of course, it isn’t photoshop or other more professional tools, so I have to say that the text writing tool is quite stupid, but still, it works, and when you have gotten used to its way of working, you can easily create cool snapshots and screenshots, just like the one I created below.

creating cool snapshots in opera

There you have the result of my little test of the screenshot function in the Opera browser. I have blurred text, I have added lots of arrows, I have emphasized text with green background color, I have added smileys, and also explainer texts to make everything easier to understand. I could have added a selfie as well, but then you would have just looked at my face and laughed instead of actually studying the rest of the content, so I thought it was better to skip that for now!

Are you ready to make some nice snapshots/screenshots in Opera as well? I hope these instructions have helped you. If you have further questions or need some help, use the comment field below.

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