How to watch Back to Life online?

The first season of Back to Life premiered on BBC in the UK in August 2019. It will premiere on Showtime in the United States in October 2019. But, how can you watch Back to Life (season 1) online? Which is the best and easiest way to access and to stream the episodes online?

Have you ever heard of the very popular BBC show named Fleabag? If you are a fan of that show, you will most likely enjoy Back to Life as well. It is very common to compare the two series, and many of the Fleabag fans also appreciate Back to Life.

How can I watch Back to Life online?
Ready for another great TV series from BBC? Back to Life might a great show for you!

In Back to Life, we meet Miri Matheson, a girl returning back home after spending 18 years in prison. The executive producers of Back to Life are Harry and Jack Williams, who earlier also directed Fleabag. In other words, there is no coincidence that there are similarities between the shows.

  • But, how can you watch Back to Life online?
  • Where can I stream Back to Life?
  • Is Back to Life on Netflix?
  • Is there a way to watch Back to Life on BBC iPlayer abroad?
  • Are there other free TV channels showing Back to Life online?

Maybe you have one of the following questions or some other very similar questions? Read on, because you are about to get an answer!

Back to Life online streaming guide

Back to Life on Netflix

First of all, you cannot stream Back to Life on Netflix (yet). I do not know of any plans when it comes to making Back to Life available on Netflix. That, however, doesn’t mean that it is not coming, it simply means that I haven’t heard of such plans yet. But, if you know something I don’t, write a comment and I will update the article with the new information.

Back to Life on BBC iPlayer

This might be the most obvious way to watch Back to Life online. Currently, you can stream all six episodes of Back to Life season 1 on BBC iPlayer. I cannot guarantee that they will remain available forever, but as of now, you can watch them on BBC iPlayer. It says that they will remain available only for two more months, but often such texts are in error. You can find Back to Life on BBC iPlayer here.

If you try to watch Back to Life online on BBC iPlayer while residing outside the UK, you will get an error message telling you that the content is unavailable. To avoid such error messages, read the instructions in the following article or watch the following YouTube video. It is really and convenient, and it will give you access to lots of other content on BBC iPlayer as well like Fleabag, Cuckoo, Line of Duty, and other popular BBC shows.

If you are in a hurry, simply click the button beneath to sign up for the VPN services of ExpressVPN, download their VPN client, install it, open it, and connect to a server in the UK. This will give you a local IP address in the UK working with BBC iPlayer. You are then ready to watch Back to Life on BBC iPlayer.
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You can watch Back to Life season 1 on BBC iPlayer in the UK!
You can watch Back to Life season 1 on BBC iPlayer in the UK!

Can I stream Back to Life elsewhere online?

As a matter of fact, you can! At SBS in Australia, you can stream the episodes of Back to Life online. This is completely free, but once again, you will need to use the VPN services of ExpressVPN to get an Australian IP address that will let you watch SBS abroad. Maybe you have heard of other VPN providers, but you will only get annoyed if you try those. They might be cheaper than ExpressVPN, but they will most likely be blocked by the BBC in England and also by SBS in Australia. That is why I can warmly recommend that you try ExpressVPN by clicking the button above (which will also give you a big discount of their basic prices).

If you want to see a video portraying how you can watch SBS abroad using ExpressVPN, check this YouTube video. It is really easy, and at SBS you can also watch other great shows such as Riviera, Knightfall, and other great shows.

Are there even more ways to watch Back to Life online?

I don’t know of any others, but if you know of any TV networks showing this fantastic BBC show online, write a comment and let me know about it. I have checked on popular streaming services like Hulu and FuboTV, but you cannot find Back to Life on any of these, and it cannot be streamed on Hotstar in India either.

What does the audience think of Back to Life?

It hasn’t premiered in the United States yet, meaning that sites such as Rotten Tomatoes and Metacritic do not have many reviews available. But, here comes a quote from Carol Midgley, a top critic from Times in the UK: “It is growing on me largely because it is well written and multi-layered, managing to be sweet, tragic and a little bit sick. Oh, and quietly funny, which is not easily done in these circs. ” There are a few other quotes available at Rotten Tomatoes as well, and they mostly agree with the words of Carol Midgley. We might have a winner here, just like with Fleabag!

Do you need help watching Back to Life?

If you need any help streaming Back to Life online after reading these instructions, write a comment and let me know about it. I always try to answer questions as quickly as possible!

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