How to watch PBS from abroad?

PBS is a leading TV channel in the United States, and the full name of PBS is Public Broadcasting Service. Maybe you are following one of their TV series and currently abroad you would like to continue watching, but instead of enjoying your favorite show, you instead suffer from an error message telling you that PBS can not be watched from abroad. What can you do about that?

Watch PBS from abroad

To watch PBS from outside the United States you are in need of an American IP address. This is because PBS will only show its online content to people located in the United States, and the way they check your location is by examining your IP address. The trick is however that you can get hold of an American IP address from all nations of the world, the only thing you need is a subscription to the VPN provider HideMyAss, the biggest and maybe the best of all VPN providers on the market.HideMyAss

Watch PBS from abroad

What you do now is that you click the HideMyAss button above, and follow these steps, at least if you want to watch PBS from Europe or from some other continent.

  • Click the HideMyAss button and join now!
  • Sign up for 1, 6 or for 12 months.
  • Download the HideMyAss client and install it on your computer, iOS or Android system.
  • Connect to a server in the United States.
  • You are now ready to watch PBS from all over the world.

That is it. But, if you should not be satisfied you can get your HideMyAss money back if you complain within thirty days. And do not forget that you can use this subscription also to watch CBS, NBC, Fox and lots of other TV channels live online from all across the world.

Enjoy watching Chefsteps, Masterpiece, Rick Steves Europe, Wolf Hall, American Masters, Call the Midwife, Craft for Kids and lots of other PBS shows live online in a few minutes from now!


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