How to watch Rai TV from outside Italy?

One of the leading TV channels in Italy is Rai. They have different channels such as Rai1, Rai2, Rai3, Rai4, Rai5, RaiNews, RaiSport 1 and RaiSport 2. It is possible to watch their live streams live on the Internet, but you need to have an Italian IP address to do so. We will therefore answer how to watch Rai TV from outside Italy in this article.

As we mentioned, you need an Italian IP address to watch the different Rai channels from outside Italy. The best way to get such an IP address it to use a stable and fast VPN service. We have written more about such services in our article on how to get an Italian IP.

What happens when you try to watch Rai from outside Italy?

If you try to watch Rai from outside Italy you will simply get an error message or the live stream will not start. That is because of a so called block that makes the stream unavailable to people located outside Italy.

How to get an Italian IP and watch Rai from outside Italy?

To get that Italian IP you should sign up for a VPN service with servers located in Italy. One such service which is working great, is cheap and has good speed on their servers in Italy is HideMyAss. They have several servers with great speed in Italy, making it easy to watch Rai from outside of Italy. All you need to do is to sign up for their service, download their client, connect to a server in Italy, restart your browser and go for it!

Rai Sport online from outside italy

You should now be able to watch Rai from all over the world, just like we do. We especially like this during large sport championships as the Rai Sport channels offer most large sport events for free online, without any sort of subscription. Click the HideMyAss link and sign up for their services today.


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    • Hello! There are hundreds of thousands of HideMyAss users out there, and with their thirty day refund policy which really works, you should be really safe… so, there is no risk at all involved in trying this!

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