How to get an Italian IP address?

Italian IP addressItaly is not only a nation of pizza and football, but it is a country with lots of great TV shows and other content online. Unfortunately much of this content is available only to people with an Italian IP address. So, how to get an Italian IP address?

If you fell in love with Italy while visiting the nation, or if you once lived in Italy and now miss your favorite TV show (which can only be seen online with an Italian IP address), then the solution is right around the corner.

Services that require Italian IP address

There are quite a lot of services that requires you to have an Italian IP address to enjoy them. You for example need an Italian IP address to watch Rai Uno and La7 live from outside Italy. You also need an IP in Italy to use your Italian Netflix account, watch Hulu and Serie A matches broadcasted live on Italian TV.

How to get that Italian IP?

The solution is to find a reliable VPN tool. A VPN tool creates a connection between your computer (somewhere in the world) and a server in Italy, and once connected to the server you will safe the Internet encrypted and with a local Italian IP address.

There are loads of VPN tools available online and we have tested quite some of them. In general we like to recommend HideMyAss, because it is easy to setup, it is cheap and you can surf the web with an Italian IP address in a few minutes if you visit their site and make a subscription right away. Inpatient? Visit HidMyAss now!


Before writing this article we have tested the speeds they offer people who want to connect to a server in Italy. As mentioned earlier HideMyAss is the easiest to setup and use, but do the service give the best speeds?

Best VPN tools to get an Italian IP address

We have tested some different VPN tools with the goal of obtaining a local Italian IP and our tests gave the following results.

StrongVPN had the fastest servers in Italy and we had a connection speed of more than 10Mbps after connecting to one of their servers. SimpleVPN only has one connection option and they gave us a download speed of 8Mbps. We connected to several HideMyAss servers in Italy and they gave us speeds from 2Mbps to 15Mbps second.

Since HideMyAss is easiest to use and setup we recommend to use their services, but after connecting do a speedtest, and if you are not satisfied, connect to one of their other servers in Italy.

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