How to withdraw tokens from STEP Network (Fitfi tokens)?

Have you been using the move-to-earn application Step App? Do you have a lot of Fitfi tokens or some other tokens in your wallet that you would like to get rid of and turn it into profit? Or have you tried to bridge tokens to the Step Network, but now you would like to bring them back and sell them? How can it be done? This article will present you with some easy answers!

I used the Step Bridge a few months ago to transfer Fitfi tokens to the Step Network. I am a big fan of Stepn, but for some reason, I never fell in love with Step App. I looked around at the Step Network, and I immediately saw that something wasn’t correct with the Step Exchange, as the price for Avax tokens was much lower compared to real life. In other words, if you needed 4000 Fitfi tokens to buy an Avax on the Avalanche chain, you only needed 1000 Fitfi tokens on the Step Network to buy the same Avax. So I bought a couple of Avax, only to discover that there was no way to bridge those Avax back to Avalanche or elsewhere. So, I just didn’t think more about it.

A couple of months later I decided to at least withdraw those tokens I had on Step Network. How could I do it? I had to sell my Avax for Fitfi, because there is no way (currently) to bridge Avax tokens back to other networks, and no exchange will allow you to deposit Avax from the Step Network.

In other words, I had some Fitfi tokens that I wanted to get rid of. They were in my wallet on the Step Network. How could I sell them?

How to sell Fitfi tokens and bridge them away from the Step Network?

Since the Step Bridge is only a one-way bridge, you need to withdraw your funds from the Step Network (Fitfi) to some external exchange of some sort. There is one more problem, however… not all exchanges allow you to deposit Fitfi tokens from the Step Network, some exchanges only allow deposits from the Avalanche chain.

One of my favorite exchanges is Kucoin, but unfortunately, they only allow Fitfi deposits on the Avalanche chain.

I looked around, and one option I found that supports Fitfi deposits on the Step Network is

How to deposit Fitfi tokens to

  • The first thing you need is to visit the website and register a new account (if you do not have one yet).
  • Then you need to select Deposit, and then Onchain Deposit.
onchain deposit on
Select Onchain Deposit on
  • How you need to select FITFI from the list of available tokens.
  • supports deposits on both Avalanche and Step Network. To deposit Fitfi tokens on the Step Network, choose FITFI – FITFI as your network.
deposit fitfi on step network
Select FITFI – FITFI as your network to deposit Fitfi on the Step Network.

You will then see your deposit address. Copy this to your wallet on the Step Network and do a test deposit first of a few Fitfi to see that it works properly. If everything is fine, transfer the rest of your Fitfi tokens to and trade it for USDT. You can later withdraw your USDT, or you can trade it for other currencies.

Which wallet can I use for the transfer?

You can transfer the funds from your Step Wallet within the application. If not, then you can also use MetaMask and import the keys of your Step Wallet. If you then add the Step Network to your MetaMask wallet, you will immediately see your Fitfi tokens. You can now choose the Send function and transfer the funds using MetaMask to your deposit address at

I hope these instructions have helped you and that you are able to sell your Fitfi tokens and to get them away from the Step Network.

If you have further comments or questions, use the comment field below! Happy trading, and happy exercising!

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