Is Unlocator worth using in 2021?

Unlocator was for a long time a SmartDNS service that would help you unblock TV networks and streaming services, without losing speed. But, since the Netflix block back in 2016, they had to change their profile, and it is now first of all a VPN service. But, they have implemented something that they call Unlocator Hybrid, giving you all the advantages of the VPN, without losing speed.

But, is Unlocator worth using in 2021? Here I will wrap up some of the most important information about Unlocator worth taking into consideration in 2021!

Unlocator SmartDNS VPN review

The big Unlocator advantage

The big advantage with Unlocator is the fact that it can be tested completely for free for seven days without paying a dime and without giving away your payment details. As a result, it is completely risk-free, making it way easier to use and to try than all the other VPN services out there.

This might be enough information to convince some of you to give it a try. If you want to try it immediately, click the button below to visit the Unlocator website.

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Would you rather like to learn more and know more about Unlocator before you make a final decision? Here I will share some useful information about Unlocator.

Unlocator and their speeds (and much more)

Unlocator has an average speed on their VPN servers. That makes it fine to use, and you will be able to stream, surf, and download without having to bite nails due to the irritation of slow VPN servers. A common problem is that you connect to servers far away to unblock TV services (which makes your connection slow), but with Unlocator Hybrid, you do not have to worry about that. Do you know why?

You can connect to any Unlocator service (including the one nearest to your location), and they will implement the SmartDNS service on the inside. As a result, you can connect to a server in Germany, but still watch American Netflix, stream BBC in the UK, ITV in the UK, NRK in Norway, SVT in Sweden, and to watch Amazon Prime, Disney+, and Hulu in the United States. Do you get the point? By default, you will stream US Amazon Prime, but you can also change the settings and stream the content on Amazon Prime in Germany or in the UK instead (if that is where you have your Amazon Prime subscription).

Yes, that is the true advantage of Unlocator. You do not have to connect to all sorts of servers in order to unblock websites/streaming services. You can connect to any server, and the SmartDNS will do the job at all the services setup to work with Unlocator.

If you try to access a streaming service not supported by the SmartDNS service, you can simply connect to a VPN server in that given country, and it will most likely work!

Unlocator SmartDNS vs Unlocator VPN

If your pure intention is to use Unlocator to unblock streaming sites, you don’t really need to use the VPN. You can then modify the DNS servers used by your device, and you will be able to unblock the streaming sites supported by the SmartDNS service of Unlocator. But, it is a bit more complicated and you will most likely need to make some changes directly on your router for all websites to work. As a result, you will save yourself some time and energy by downloading the VPN application and connecting to a server near your current location.

However, if you want to use it with a Chromecast, or make the service available to all your devices, then the SmartDNS can quite easily be setup on your router directly, and all the benefits of the SmartDNS will be made available to all devices without using a VPN application.

In other words, there are benefits in using the VPN application and benefits of using the SmartDNS service (without the VPN). You don’t need technical skills to setup Unlocator SmartDNS on your router, and if you use the guides on the Unlocator website, it is really smooth. They even have live support available, and as I just had a question, I got my answer in less than a minute. In other words, this is a real live support with real human beings answering your questions quickly.

Unlocator and Netflix

I remember back in the days when I could access Netflix content in more than 30 countries with Unlocator. i simply used the region settings panel on the Unlocator website, change the country, and it immediately worked. However, things have changed, and it is now way more complicated to unblock Netflix.

A few months ago, Unlocator did work with Netflix in Mexico, Canada, and in the United Kingdom. However, currently you can only use Unlocator with Netflix in the USA. And since they have their SmartDNS activated, you can connect to any VPN server in their network, and you will always see the content of American Netflix.

Once again, Unlocator only works with Netflix US at the moment!

unlocator pricing

Unlocator pricing

When you purchase a subscription you will have to choose between SmartDNS or VPN (and SmartDNS). The price different is almost the double, however, if you go for a long term subscription, then the monthly price different is only 1 USD. In other words, if you go for a long-term subscription, you will get the best value if you purchase the SmartDNS plus the VPN option.

The question here is really, what do you want? If you want encryption online (making sure that nobody is spying on your activities, then the VPN is needed. If you only want to unblock big TV networks and streaming services included in the SmartDNS service, the DNS service is enough.

Go ahead and give it a try. You can easily modify your subscription later!

Unlocator(start your free trial today)

I have tried to give you some basic and useful Unlocator information that is up to date. I hope you have found the information to be useful. If you have any further questions or need help, use the comment field below.

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