Lots of things happening at the Steemit platform!

Steemit has been going through a lot lately, mostly due to the decrease in the price of the token. For that reason, Steemit had to lay off 70% of its team just before Christmas. Even though this might be sad news, the Steemit crew seems to be working hard at making the platform better and better.

Steem is getting a lot of attention at the moment, especially from day-traders, as many people consider the upcoming mainnet release which is set to be on March 24th, to be a catalysator for a price increase. And yes, Steem has moved upwards in value in the last week, but an even greater price increase is expected. But, not everyone thinks of Steem as a token for trading. In fact, this is one of the most used blockchains on the market with around 50,000 accounts online every day and using the actual blockchain.

Read on to learn more about the platform, and to learn about some news that you might have missed out on.

There are lots of traders out there, but did you know that lots of people use the Steemit platform on a daily basis?

Most people consider the different cryptocurrencies to be something worth speculating in, and also as a means to quick profit. But, the Steem cryptocurrency is also a blogging platform, a platform for sharing content, in which you are paid for what you share (based on upvotes). In other words, this is a working platform that is in use and on which people already make a profit.

The Steem blockchain is one of the most used blockchains of all the blockchains out there, and on a single day almost 50,000 posts are made (this is summing up both new posts and comments). But, there are not only posts that are created on the platform, but at the same time more than 500,000 votes are made for the posts on the platform every day. There are lots of users active on the platform, and that can be understood clearly as you see that there are more than 45,000 active accounts on the platform every day.

Based on the use of the Blockchain in the last day, Steemit is the seventh most used Blockchain out there at the moment, with approximately as many transactions as the king of them all, Bitcoin, has in one day. You can check more about this at https://blocktivity.info/

You can now edit your old Steemit posts

One of the biggest objections people had against Steemit for a long time was the fact that you were unable to edit old posts on the platform. If you search in Google, you will see lots of people asking questions about how to edit old posts. The answer, in general, was that it cannot be done, only for the first seven days after it was posted. After that, the post is eternally locked up in the blockchain and you will be unable to alter what has been added to the chain.

You can now edit old posts on Steemit, no matter their age...
You can now edit old posts on Steemit, no matter their age…

There was something beautiful about this, because you really had to value every single word you wrote in your own posts, and also in the comments you made at other peoples post. It was kind of magical. But, at the same time – if you wrote something that you would later regret, it was terrible, as there was no way of changing it.

But, that has now changed. I haven’t seen any official information about when this happened and why this happened, but it is a fact noticed by quite a lot of people, that you can now edit old posts on Steemit, even those posts that are several months or years old. This is a major change to the platform, and it sure makes Steemit look much more like similar other blogging platforms out there.

Steemit is added to the Huobi exchange

It is always a price catalysator when a token is added to a new exchange. The Steem token is already on Binance, Bittrex, UpBit and Bithumb, but now comes a new one – Huobi. Even though it might not be as important as Binance and Bithumb, it is still a great new exchange which can increase the volume around the coin and it has also caused a minor increase in the price as the news was released.

The trading pairs are already live in Huobi, meaning that you can start trading Steem tokens at Huobi right away. There will also be an AMA with some people from Huobi on March 1st, for those who have any questions to ask about the exchange or a similar topic.

Trade Steem tokens on Huobi
Trade Steem tokens on Huobi

March will be an exciting month for Steem(it)

The Mainnet launch on March 24th will be the highlight of the month for everyone interested in the Steem token and the Steemit platform. It will take everything to a new level, and not only token holders, but also the bloggers and daily users of the platform look forward to this event. Will the Steem token enjoy a big increase in price as well? Will there be a giant dump after the mainnet launch (like we often have seen with other tokens). Only time will show!

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