New Community Coin Vote on Kucoin (September 2018)

Kucoin community voteIn the period between September 27th and September 30th, you are invited to join in the KuCoin community vote for which new coin they are to add. There are lots of coins to choose from on the list, and you can vote several times.

Last week I suggested KuCoin Shares as a coin I believe can experience a nice growth in the coming days and weeks. The Community Coin vote only makes the recommendation better. The truth is, that for every KCS token you own, you will get one vote. So, if you have 1000 KCS, it will be like voting 1000 times. 1000 is the highest voting number you can get, but that means one persons voting who owns 1000 KCS will count just as much as 1000 people owning only one KCS-token.

To vote, you need a valid KuCoin account with at least 1 KCS token. You then need to follow their TeleGram group and start a conversation with the TeleGram voting bot. The bot will ask you three questions:

  • What is your email address (with which you are registered on KuCoin)?
  • What is your KCS address (the address in which you KuCoin Shares tokens are kept on KuCoin)?
  • Which token do you want to vote for?

Once you have answered those three questions your vote will be processed. It is important, however, to keep your tokens in the wallet until the entire voting process has been finished.

Which coins can you vote for on Kucoin?

  • /nper
  • /0chain
  • /0xcert
  • /aeternity
  • /airbloc
  • /amo_coin
  • /ardor
  • /blockgrain
  • /bluewhale
  • /bobs_repair
  • /cardstack
  • /cindicator
  • /codex
  • /dmarket
  • /dxchain
  • /emercoin
  • /essentia
  • /hybridblock
  • /lendingblock
  • /liquidity_network
  • /loopring
  • /mainframe
  • /mco
  • /metaverse_etp
  • /moneytoken
  • /retainly
  • /rightmesh
  • /savedroid
  • /seele
  • /squeezer
  • /ternio
  • /ttc
  • /xain
  • /zeex
  • /theta_token
  • /stratis
  • /sapien
  • /storiqa
  • /shocoin
  • /sentinel_chain
  • /augur
  • /remme
  • /quickx
  • /oel_foundation
  • /oasis_labs
  • /nebulas
  • /karma
  • /indahash
  • /icon
  • /hub_token
  • /holo
  • /gifto
  • /enigma
  • /eligma
  • /dav_network
  • /bitun
  • /bluzelle
  • /bankex
  • /asura_coin
  • /ankr_network
  • /chromaway
  • /mattereum

There are some fantastic coins in this list, and I would be surprised if ICON wont end up high on the list. But, if there is one thing I have learned about community votes, it is that I am often surprised by the outcome. So, who knows?

Which coin will you vote for? Do you have a favorite on the list?

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