Now you can watch CBS on Fubo TV

Fubo TV is a fantastic service for sports fans, but now it suddenly became even better. As of now, you can watch your favorite CBS content on Fubo TV as well.

Since the start of August we have had thousands of people coming to our IP Address Guide to read about how they can stream Premier League online, the German Bundesliga online, Champions League online and other football leagues and competitions online. The answer to all those questions is Fubo TV.

We also have people looking for ways to stream CBS online. The best answer has so far been CBS All Access (and probably still is), but if you have a Fubo TV subscription, that will probably save you the extra money you would pay for a CBS All Access subscription.

Now you can watch Sheldon Cooper at Fubo TV
Now you can watch Sheldon Cooper at Fubo TV

How can I watch CBS on Fubo TV?

You can now watch a real live stream from CBS on Fubo TV. In the same way, it is impossible to watch NBCSN or other Fubo TV channels live, but you can watch live streams of actual programs and events. In the same way, you select that you want to watch a football match between Manchester United and Leicester City on Fubo TV, you can press entertainment, and choose what live content to stream. Since it is live, you will also get the commercials of course.

If the program you want to stream has already been aired, then you can search for it among the programs, and stream it afterward. If you want to stream The Big Bang Theory, simply look for TV series starting with T, and you will find it. Until the new season starts this will not work properly, but I guess that it will work much better once the new episodes start rolling out this autumn. I could for example not find any Macgyver episodes at Fubo TV at the moment, but once the new episodes air on CBS in real life, they will become available at Fubo TV as well.

You can even watch movies on Fubo TV

Once you press the entertainment button in the menu at the Fubo TV website, you will not only discover TV series available but also movies. The films available are based on what’s shown on TV networks in the United States. At the moment I can, for example, watch The Notebook, Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring, Taken 3, The Queen, The Equalizer, American Hustle, Dumb and Dumber 2, Non-Stop, Captain America: The First Avenger, Click, Despicable Me 2, Flight, Identity Thief, Jack Reacher, Iron Man 3, Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit, Kingsman, Neighbors, Life of Pi, Night at the Museum, Runner Runner, Safe Haven, Avengers, The Heat, The Proposal and tons of other movies. In a way, I must say that the movies available here are much better than the ones you get with your Amazon Prime subscription. But again, since the movies are shown as they are on TV, you get the TV commercial breaks as well. It is, however, possible to jump within the video, meaning that you can skip the breaks.

Are you impressed with Fubo TV? Read more about how you can stream Fubo TV in Europe, or go ahead and visit the Fubo TV website right away.


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