Search Google with Presearch and earn money!

A few days ago I got to hear about a cryptocurrency named Presearch. This is a tool that will make searching easier, and you will earn money while doing so.

Presearch is a cryptocurrency, and the token name is PRE. Currently, it has a value of 0,1 USD, and it can be traded on HitBTC. Presearch is, in reality, a search tool that gives you access to lots of search engines at the same time. But, instead of taking the profits themselves, they hand them out to the actual users. Yes, you will really earn money, simply by searching Google.

This is what Presearch looks like in my Chrome browser
This is what Presearch looks like in my Chrome browser

Whenever you search Google, or any of the other sites available, you will get 0,1 PRE tokens added to your wallet. There is a maximum of  8 PRE tokens you can earn per day, meaning that you will only earn during the first 25 searches every day. But, that is quite a lot. You can, in other words, earn almost 1 USD per day searching the web using the Presearch tool.

If you click the text above you can visit the Presearch website and sign up. You will get 25 PRE tokens as you sign up, and if you keep it up for a long time, I will even get a little bonus for referring you. If you want this to really work and use it, it is important to install the Presearch extensions for your Firefox or Chrome browser.

You should be aware of this

First of all, if Bitcoin decides to go on a bull run, the 2.5 PRE tokens you earn per day today, might be worth a lot more. So, instead of earning 1 Dollar per day, it can easily be 0.5 Dollars per day.

Just as important… Presearch has made a limit, saying that you can only withdraw your PRE tokens as you reach a total of 1000 tokens earned. So, you cannot just sign up and withdraw the money. You will need to use the service regularly for about 200 days, and then you will have ideally reached your 1000 tokens. If they keep the values of today, you will have earned 100 USD. But, my guts tell me that the value will increase a lot, meaning that in 200 days from now, your 1000 tokens will be worth much more than 100 Dollar.

Are you ready? Give Presearch a try

Have you tried it? I would love to hear from you, so please share your experience, thoughts, comments, or whatever is on your heart.

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