Stream Summer of Rockets season 1 online!

Summer of Rockets is the brand new TV series from BBC2. It has received a lot of praise for its first season, and I happen to enjoy the series myself as well. But, what can you do to stream Summer of Rockets online? Where can you watch Summer of Rockets season 1 on the Internet?

The TV series is brand new, meaning that few people have watched it yet, but currently it has a 7,2/10 score on IMDb based on almost 300 reviews. I would for sure give it an 8 myself (at least), meaning that I truly like Summer of Rockets and find it to be interesting, entertaining and exciting at the same time.

How to watch Summer of Rockets online?

Maybe you want to watch Summer of Rockets on Netflix or on some other streaming service? Well, you cannot watch it on Amazon Prime, neither can you watch it on CBS All Access or Hulu, and it isn’t on HBO Now either. So, where can you watch Summer of Rockets? The answer is very obvious, on BBC in the UK!

Since Summer of Rockets is a BBC production, the natural and obvious place to stream Summer of Rockets online is on BBC iPlayer. You can find the show on BBC iPlayer right here.

But, if you try to watch Summer of Rockets on BBC iPlayer when you are outside the UK, you will see an error message looking something like this.

You cannot watch Summer of Rockets season 1 on BBC iPlayer if you are outside the UK
Error message while trying to watch Summer of Rockets on BBC iPlayer abroad.

As you can see in the picture, BBC iPlayer only works in the UK. So, does that mean that you will be unable to stream Summer of Rockets online? Do you have to look for another solution? Or is there a way to bypass this error and get access to the content anyway?

Get rid of the error message and let the show go on!

To get rid of the error message, you will have to use the VPN services of PureVPN. This is a VPN provider that makes it very easy to get access to BBC abroad, and you can find yourself streaming Summer of Rockets season 1 on BBC iPlayer in a few minutes from now if you follow these instructions.

  • Click the button beneath and visit the PureVPN website.
  • After signing up, download the PureVPN application to your computer, iPhone, iPad, Android device.
  • Choosing streaming mode in the application and set BBC as your channel.
  • Connect, and once connected, you will be able to watch BBC iPlayer with all its content abroad.

More about PureVPN
PureVPN is a fantastic VPN provider with servers in more than 100 countries of the world. You can freely connect to any of these servers with your VPN subscription, which means you can unblock streaming services and TV channels worldwide with their services. Besides giving you access to BBC iPlayer, PureVPN can also be used to stream American Netflix, Hulu in the USA, CBS All Access in the United States, SonyLIV in India and lots of other streaming services.

PureVPN supports all the important VPN protocols, and they will help you stay safe and protected while using open WiFi networks. They also have the longest and best refund policy on the market, which means that you are protected by their money back guarantee for 31-days after your original purchase.

Besides giving you access to BBC iPlayer, you can also watch ITV in England and Channel4 with PureVPN.

Have you started already? Have you purchased a PureVPN subscription? If you want to see even more how this works in real life, take a look at the following video in which I show you exactly what I do to watch Summer of Rockets season 1 online on BBC iPlayer using PureVPN.

I am watching Summer of Rockets season 1 online with PureVPN.

If you have taken a look at the video, you should be prepared and ready to stream Summer of Rockets online. Should you still have any trouble or questions, please write them in the comment field beneath and I will do my best to answer as quickly as possible.

What is Summer of Rockets all about?

I still haven’t been able to stream the full season 1 online, but I have started and I look forward to watching more episodes soon. In the BBC series, we follow the family of a Russia Jewish inventor who has moved to England and live in the nation. He isn’t the most popular guy, and the fact that his colleague and helper is a black man doesn’t help much either. But, the man is in the business of hearing aid kits, but he is also doing so much more. One of his latest inventions is a person tracker, making sure that hospitals can keep track of people, and he can keep track of his son who almost got lost in the start of the first episode of the show.

The person tracker is an awesome and big new invention, but it also draws him attention from other people who want to take advantage of this invention and use it for other purposes. That is how he gets in contact with Mi5 and others who want to use the technology for their own purposes.

Not only do we follow the father in the house, but it is also interesting to see his kids as they are sent to schools elsewhere and how they are treated and how they behave. I also found it amusing to see how his son who is used to having an inventor as a father is treated with disrespect, while it for the son himself is so natural to have a creative father. This can be seen clearly as he uses a walkman/radio kind of thing in school. He is despised by the teacher and fellow students for this, while he thinks of this tool as the most natural thing in the world.

Get ready to stream Summer of Rockets season 1 online!

You should be ready now to watch Summer of Rockets online. If you still need some help, write a comment and I will answer as quickly as possible. If you want to share your thoughts about this BBC series, write a comment – I would love to hear from you!

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