What is the maximal energy level in STEPN? How to get 25 Energy in STEPN?

As a STEPN user, you quickly understand that the energy level is crucial for earning as much as possible. The more energy you have, the more minutes you can spend exercising, increasing your rewards. But, how can you get more energy in STEPN? What is the maximal energy you can get? What do you need Read More

The Mystery Boxes in STEPN – How do they work? What do you get inside? What is the cost of opening a STEPN Mystery Box?

If you are a STEPN user, you have probably discovered that there are so-called Mystery Boxes in the game. Every user has space for 4 Loot Boxes, and as you walk/run with STEPN, you might be lucky and earn such a box. But what will you get on the inside of the different boxes? How Read More